Wrong Vaping – The Worst 3 Vaping Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do


Vaping is relatively a new way of enjoying your cannabis, and most people have not caught the wind of it. We observe a lot of reasons why it’s popular among adults and young people. But still they make mistakes that affect their experience and sometimes cost them more money or both. For the best-vaping pleasure, you must understand your cannabis, your vaporizer, and preferences and only choose the vaporizer and cannabis that delivers the best punch to you. Thus, this article written in collaboration with Best Pot will cover the three worst vaping mistakes anyone shouldn’t do to help you orient yourself and possibly help you to avoid the things that can cost you your pleasure and or money.


1. Temperature

Different compounds found in marijuana have different boiling points, and they are released at these temperatures when you are vaping. Marijuana is literally set on fire to release these compounds. Once each compound reaches its boiling point, it is released with the vapor that you inhale. Most vaping sticks have different temperature control settings because they are designed to enhance the experience for the user. Most people need to have that autonomy to choose their vaping temperature because they can choose the compounds they take into their bodies and therefore the experience and effect they have. There are different temperature settings for vaping and their corresponding impact on a person. For the people who ask what is the ideal temperature for vaping cannabis can use this simplistic guideline though the experience is largely dependent on the type of cannabis, he/she is vaping.

– Low-temperature range (320 Fahrenheit/160 Celsius—356 Fahrenheit/180 Celsius):

o Light mental/cerebral medication, subtle physical effects, and strictly medical effects of THC

– Mid-temperature range (356 Fahrenheit/180 Celsius—392 Fahrenheit/200 Celsius):

o Moderate to strong mental and physical medication, clear mental and physical effects, and Cannabidiol’s medicinal effects become clearer (if the cannabis strain contains a significant CBD content)

– High-temperature range (392 Fahrenheit/200 Celsius—446 Fahrenheit/230 Celsius):

o Intense mental and physical medication, strong bodily effects, and medicinal effects of all terpenoids and cannabinoids become clearer

It is advised to start off on the lower temperature zones and then work your way up. Utilize the temperature setting feature and learn the best temperature for vaping cannabis for maxim pleasure and value from your favorite product.

2. How much cost style vaporizers

Vaporizers for cannabis come in different sizes, styles, designs, and features. For each one of these characteristics, it has a corresponding impact on the cost of the vaporizer. For example, a vaporizer with a cool design which has a stronger battery with more temperature control settings is likely to cost more than a simple vaping pen. The design ‘coolness’ and the wide range of temperature control settings are some of the things which determine the price of the pen. That said, the cost of vaporizer determines the experiences the user can draw from their cannabis for their pleasure. Some vaporizers are designed such that the cannabis does not come into contact with the heat source, and that air is blown through the cannabis to ensure the user inhales clean air, but with all the compounds he/she needed from the cannabis. If vape is burning too hot for you, try these devices that offer a greater degree of control in temperature, and your cannabis does not directly come in contact with the heating element. However, for such vaporizers, the user forks out more bucks than with other designs without such features. To avoid making a mistake with the vaporizer that perfectly matches your preferences, you must understand your vaping styles and how best you want your cannabis heated.

If you make a mistake and buy the vaporizer that does not meet your needs and or cannot be adjusted to match your preferences, it will be like walking with a pebble in your shoe. It will be uncomfortable until you eventually discard it. Thus, take your time to decide what are the ideal features of your preferred vaporizer and go for it. I recommend portable marijuana vaporizers for a start as they are convenient and often cheaper and can orient you to vaping as you understand your vaping preferences and then find the device that will you best.

3. Wrong Packing and Grinding

It is very unlikely that you would wish to have a headache after a vaping session, thus, be careful of what you vape. Avoid grinding and vaping stems because they will lead you down that path of less value and higher price (headaches) after a session. Additionally, to understand if you can grind all your weed at once, you need to re-evaluate how you like it first, grinding it all at once coupled with poor repackaging for storage can expose it to the moisture of dry air that affects the moisture and hence how it can hit you. Other people hate having to grind that stuff every time they want to vape while others enjoy to always start the process by grinding. Other people hate grinding it all at once especially if they have to store it and it gets sticky on the storage container or prefers to store it as buds as it is easier to salvage in case of spillage. There are varied reasons for grinding and or packaging your weed and for this step, you have to figure out how best you want to enjoy your cannabis. Thus, first consider other factors such as traveling (this you may need to grind it and take it with you), how often you vape, the location of your vaping, etc. Storage of ground cannabis if different from that the buds, hence ensure you package your cannabis appropriately to preserve its freshness. CBD vape oil also has its own considerations when it comes to packing and storing.

In conclusion, you must be very careful with your temperature settings to ensure you inhale the stuff you need and for the experience you want. Secondly, since there are a plethora of vaporizers out there, not all of them will suit your needs and or preferences. Understand your preferences first and go for the vaporizer that best serves your preferences. Thirdly, grinding and packaging is often a controversial issue among stoners and though most people have their own ritualistic approaches, be guided by how you prefer your cannabis ground and or packaged. The preferences should be guided by other factors such as your frequency of vaping, your preferred location, etc.