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We’re back with another interview for you, today we will be talking to Eric Di Sivilla CEO for His company, if you didn’t notice, is called AcousticPC and they specialize in helping to keep your PC as quiet as it can be. One of the things of course this would be good for is an HTPC, but they sell high-performance, yet quiet hardware and components for any system. AcousticPC is your one-stop shop for everything and anything related to keeping your PC quiet and running smoothly.




technogog: Tell us about you? What’s an average day like for you?

Eric Di Sivilla First of all thank you Kristofer Brozio, I really appreciate the opportunity. Usually, I’m involved in the company’s Day to Day operations throughout the day.

(I’m not just the CEO, of Acoustic PC Inc. I also work here and I am very involved).

I usually spend my day supervising making sure everything goes smooth such as processing orders, cataloging inventories, and more. My shipping manager also usually talks to me throughout the day regarding orders. I am also heavily involved in purchasing and product development. We also work very hard and closely as a team to get all our orders shipped the same day so our customers get their purchases as soon as possible. Careful detail is taken to make sure the orders are properly packaged with Fragile labels so everything arrives well and on time. We have two shipping facilities: One on the East coast, and the other on the West coast. This allows us to get products even faster to our customers.



Q: Can you tell us a bit, in your own words, about Acoustic PC? When did your company get started? Why did you start Acoustic PC? What’s it all about?

I started Acoustic PC when I first began to build my own computers because OEM systems weren’t powerful enough for my needs. They had poor quality parts. The first issue I saw was inadequate cooling so I used high-performance coolers and fans. After I saw that these components generated a lot of noise from the system, I began being more selective with the components I chose. When I saw that there was no one else selling products that were quiet and high-performance, I realized I had found a Niche in the market that was not being address properly thus, Acoustic PC was born. We were the first to combine high-powered heatsinks with Quiet fans. Today, follows the same principle, selling quiet high-performance components for enthusiasts who are willing to invest in the value of a Quiet even Silent PC. We also have ventured into some other niche PC-related products to complement the store. We’re branching into quality peripherals like mechanical keyboards, pixel-accurate mice, for gaming and more. While we remain true to our roots, we are constantly evolving and we’re always in search for the latest and greatest cutting edge technology solutions and products. We stay in-touch with our customers via social media, paying attention to their needs and taking their feedback seriously to provide the best possible PC products in every sense.



Q: Describe the target consumer or audience for your products?

Acoustic PC retains a broad customer base, though most of our customers are IT or Audio/Video production professionals working with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s), recording machines, and HTPC’s. Home Theater PC’s. These users are in environments where even a little bit of PC noise can affect the quality of their work, and interrupt their creative thinking, and they are some of our biggest supporters. However, we also have customers who are professional gamers or overclockers that share the same view. Some of our customers are simply looking to build a high-powered quiet or silent system. We also have a lot from prestigious organizations domestic and abroad, and we get a lot of our orders from government institutions and various Universities and educational facilities across the country who appreciate the value of silent computing.



Q: How do you select products to sell on Acoustic PC?

Products must meet a certain criteria and we are very picky about that. We pick our products specifically based on their quality of construction and Performance as well as their longevity during use. Products must also be backed by a warranty so users can get replacements, and they must be quiet and have top-notch performance all at the same time. And that’s not easy to meet all at the same time. We also feel we have a social responsibility. Products must also be RoHS certified for safety, and must be energy efficient over long-term usage. Whether it’s manufacturing our own products or representing other manufacturers, we are constantly searching the Globe for the best, most innovative and quality products that meet the highest standards. Some products in our store cannot be found elsewhere. Value is always a concern to us, as well as staying true to our roots, and being the leader in quiet PC cooling.



Q: Out of all the products you sell, which is your favorite? and why, what makes it your favorite?

Personally my favorite line of products is the soundproofing materials, and the quiet case fans and CPU power supplies are also an essential part of the system stability so they must be of the highest grade possible. I also like very much to combine the large, high-performance heatsinks we sell, pared up with quiet fans and the anti-vibration products, and PC cases focus on quiet. My end goal with the combination of these products is to make a computer as close to silent as possible while providing high-performance cooling for every situation.



Q: What’s your most popular product or line of products?

Our most popular line is the cooling and soundproofing line, as users like hardware that is specifically picked for their needs and is quiet yet high-performance. Lately we have been also getting a lot of orders for notebook PC cooling products and ventilation. We’ve also been getting a lot of demand for Quiet cabinet cooling systems or wall unit cooling for components housed in enclosures or cabinets such as PC’s, TiVO’s, Game consoles, DVR’s, audio equipment, and HTPC’s inside enclosures. We also sell a lot of professional peripheral accessories for serious Pro gamers, Engineers and design professionals such as Graphic designers, game developers Audio and Video engineers and all type of users working with CAD programs. Some of these accessories include mechanical keyboards, pixel-accurate mice, and game controllers for consoles or PC’s. Sound Audio products. We even have a silent mouse with no clicking sound!



Q: How do you feel that manufacturers have treated you through the years?

We take our business very seriously and pay a lot of attention to detail. We are passionate about what we do, and who and how we represent the companies and manufactures we re-sale for with integrity. Manufacturers and companies have been very supportive to Acoustic PC. They are very interested in the company and in what we do, and they feel our site and its concept adds value to their products through marketing and customer outreach. We even collaborate with some manufacturers to provide feedback to help create products that make computers quieter and more user friendly. We look at our manufactures as partners.



Q: What do you feel makes your site unique when compared to others?

Acoustic PC was the first in a niche market. We were the first site to combine high-performance heatsinks with truly quiet fans; we really pay a lot of attention to detail in our product line card. We sell the absolute best quality soundproofing materials, quiet fans, thermal compounds, heatsinks, ultra-quiet PSUs, as well as silent fan-less power supplies meeting the highest energy efficient standards, and a whole wide range of essential products. We also have a fierce passion for the products and great attention to the smallest detail. Acoustic PC also uses ecologically friendly practices as much as possible, such as using email and electronic correspondence rather than paper mail whenever possible, and using recycled paper and cardboard for shipping and delivery.



Q: Will Acoustic PC ever sell pre built Quiet/Silent systems online or locally?

A lot of folks don’t know this but besides selling online (DIY) PC products, we also build systems locally. And that allows us to test the products first hand before they go for sale or get recommended. Right now, we have no intention of selling pre-built systems online, but that doesn’t mean that it will never happen. We just want to make sure that we can provide the same level of support to our customers as we can locally. We can also now provide support and fix some problems remotely. Another great thing about being involved with building PC’s is that we can test our products first hand as mentioned before so our team is truly aware of the products performance.



Q: How have reviews affected your sales?

Reviews have been very beneficial for our site, and have given us lots of sales. New customers check these reviews before shopping with us, and leave happy with their products. Reviews are an excellent medium to help promote quiet high performance cooling practices that enhance creative thinking and avoid health hazards!



Q: What makes a good reviewer?

A good reviewer must understand the product he or she is reviewing, and must have a good grasp or understanding of the value that a quiet PC can bring. Many people say a bit of noise may not be too bad, but reviewers who work with us understand from a stand point that noise from the computer can have a very negative effect on a workplace, home environment, especially after prolonged use. Many studies have been done by renowned organizations and Universities (such as Cornell) that verify this to be true.



Q: What tips can you offer readers when it comes to purchasing a product?

We advise readers to do their homework before purchasing a product. An educated customer is our favorite customer and if not we are happy to provide free information or advice. A good PC begins with a good foundation: a solid sturdy quiet case, an energy efficient stable and low-noise PSU, quiet but high-performance fans and heatsinks, and more. Buyers who do a bit of research on what they need or contact us for advice on what is available and what it can do for them will leave the store (or the site) happier. We are always available for questions or concerns via email, phone, through social networking for Q&A and we now have a YouTube channel focus on Quiet PC Cooling products as well as professional gaming peripherals for serious gamers.



Q: Finally what do you think of sites like technogog that aggregates and analyzes a large number of reviews?

Sites like technogog are a great resource to the tech community and customers looking for new products. It’s a great reference point, a lot of people want to see reviews but don’t know where to go, or have to spend lots of time browsing the web for a couple different reviews on a single product. Sites like technogog collate these reviews and provide a great service to readers by giving them several reviews for a single product at their fingertips.



Acoustic PC Logo 



I’d like to thank Eric for talking with us today, and be sure to stop over and check out all of their great products.

  6 comments for “Interview with Eric Di Sivilla CEO for

  1. Queenie2Die4
    October 16, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    I have worked with this conpany as a reviewer and they are some of the most friendly and efficient people I have ever dealt with, as always, doing business with them is as much of a pleasure as their products are. Keep up the good work Eric!

  2. ca_adi
    October 16, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    AcousticPC has some of the best quiet PC accessories I’ve ever seen! I’ve worked closely with Eric before, and have used many of his products. Excellent job!

  3. Glenn Miller
    October 16, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    Eric is one of the brightest gentleman you’ll ever meet; smart, articulate and very knowledgeable. He communicates well, and is always concerned about meeting his own high standards. Do business here!!!

  4. Princess2die4
    October 16, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    AcousticPC is an awesome company.  They sell the best products on the market.  Eric is a smart man who knows what hes talking about when it comes to PC products. Not only that, he is well known in the industry as a kind hearted person.  Keep up with the good work! 

  5. October 17, 2011 at 12:53 am

    AcousticPC was the site I ordered my first water cooling setup from a few years ago as I was going for a quiet water cooling system. Ever since, I’ve been ordering quiet CPU coolers, Fans and Acoustic Dampening products like acoustic foam padding and silicone fan grommets to dampen noise and vibrations inside my system. Eric is a very nice guy, and very helpful if you ever call AcousticPC for some assistance. Highly Recommended, and will purchase from them in the future as well.

  6. Starz 2 die 4
    October 17, 2011 at 1:08 am

    I love Acoustic PC! and Eric obviously 😀 both very trusting and overall the best products are here if you need anything answered when it comes to your PC been silenced then this is the place to just go and ask, very detailed and I have always been impressed by there products they sell and there quality theres no other place that will sell quality like it!

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