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We’re back with another interview for you, today we will be talking to Eric Di Sivilla CEO for Eric

technogog: Tell us about you? What’s an average day like for you?

Eric Di Sivilla First of all thank you Kristofer Brozio, I really appreciate the opportunity. Usually, I’m involved in the company’s Day to Day operations throughout the day.

(I’m not just the CEO, of Acoustic PC Inc. I also work here and I am very involved).

I usually spend my day supervising making sure everything goes smooth such as processing orders, cataloging inventories, and more. My shipping manager also usually talks to me throughout the day regarding orders. I am also heavily involved in purchasing and product development. We also work very hard and closely as a team to get all our orders shipped the same day so our customers get their purchases as soon as possible. Careful detail is taken to make sure the orders are properly packaged with Fragile labels so everything arrives well and on time. We have two shipping facilities: One on the East coast, and the other on the West coast. This allows us to get products even faster to our customers.



Q: Can you tell us a bit, in your own words, about Acoustic PC? When did your company get started? Why did you start Acoustic PC? What’s it all about?

I started Acoustic PC when I first began to build my own computers because OEM systems weren’t powerful enough for my needs. They had poor quality parts. The first issue I saw was inadequate cooling so I used high-performance coolers and fans. After I saw that these components generated a lot of noise from the system, I began being more selective with the components I chose. When I saw that there was no one else selling products that were quiet and high-performance, I realized I had found a Niche in the market that was not being address properly thus, Acoustic PC was born. We were the first to combine high-powered heatsinks with Quiet fans. Today,  



I’d like to thank Eric for talking with us today, and be sure to stop over and check out all of their great products.

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