SOPA / PIPA Strike Today

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed plenty of sites have gone dark. All of my personally owned sites have, from 8am until 8pm EST as I don’t think these bills or laws are in the best interest of the internet as a whole. I run or manage this site, but I don’t own it so I can’t make it go dark, but there will be no updates here until late tonight after 8pm EST. Then I’ll have a couple reviews for you.


I’m not going to go into repeating myself here, I’ve already posted about this on another site I write for that hasn’t gone dark either.  You can read that post here: to learn why I’m doing this.


If you want to read more or get involved, head on over here:


If you want to do something about it, head on over here and sign the petition:

It only takes less than a minute to do, and your voice can be heard.