AC Product Launch: Accelero XTREME GTX Pro

The  Swiss  low  noise  cooling  solution provider ARCTIC COOLING today unveiled the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro, a new VGA cooler of  the  reputable Accelero  series. This 3-fan solution  is designed  for  the high-end nVIDIA GeForce GTX series, offering gamers a powerful and quiet cooling weapon for overclocking. 

Unparalled cooling for nVIDIA GTX series 
The  Accelero  XTREME  GTX  Pro  delivers  even more  outstanding  heat  dissipation performance  than  the previous Accelero XTREME GTX 280. The  five heatpipes and the copper base are soldered precisely together with a layer of the non-curing thermal compound ARCTIC MX-2 on top. The slim heatsink and three 92mm-PWM-fan design optimise  the  cooling  capacity  of  the  Accelero  XTREME  GTX  Pro  to  250  watts. Equipped  with  these  advanced  thermal management  features,  instant  and  efficient heat transfer performance from this exceptional cooler is guaranteed. 

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Same as other ARCTIC COOLING products, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro  is designed with award-winning acoustic engineering. The  low noise  impeller and  the patented  fan holder  lower  the noise  level  from  rotation, resulting in extremely quiet operation at full fan speed – only 0.5 sone at 2,000 rpm. 

One cooler fits all 
In order to give end-users a hassle-free, all-in-one solution, the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro is packaged with various types of RAM and voltage regulator heatsinks to fit different GTX models. Installation is fairly simple and within a few steps, users can enjoy the cool and quietness brought by the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro!  The Accelero XTREME GTX Pro offers a 6-year  limited warranty.  It will be available  in December 2009. The MSRP is US$84.95 and 59.95€ (excl. VAT).


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