Agama, new consumer electronics company launches webcams!

Agama (, a new consumer electronics company dedicated to providing innovative and state-of-the-art technologies that are manufactured with high aesthetic design, entered the marketplace today by launching a line of new webcams that makes communicating via the Internet fun with an easy plug and play interface (no drivers required).

Agama’s webcam line is available immediately and features high-definition video for smooth, full-motion streaming communication. The webcams also contain a host of unique features such as; high pixel count, auto focus, and one with infrared technology to provide night vision for late night or early morning web chats.  Each webcam is sleek in design and solid to the touch, complete with built-in microphones and a foldable, portable design for on-the-go use.

About the Models:


The V-2050AF is a high-definition 2-mega pixel auto focus webcam built for high performance and consistent focus.  Priced at $69.90, the V-2050AF comes complete with a motorized auto focus glass lens for clear, sharp images.  The HD video (at 1280 x 720) provides crisp color that will deliver streaming video and still image capture at up to 8mega pixels.  The unit also comes with a universal clip base to provide stability when hooked to an LCD monitor, notebook or standalone computer.


Delivering full high-definition stream video with 720P, the V-2025 provides the smoothest HD video combined with the best view when using a widescreen display.  This unit was designed with a premium multi-layer adjustable lens that allows users to manually control the focus on any subject without loosing focus or becoming blurry in the process.  Priced at $54.90, this webcam is fast and takes quality still photos which are captured by software interpolation.


The V-1325R’s infrared technology makes early morning and late night chats possible.  Manufactured with a cool diamond-shaped design, this webcam is full featured and is bundled with software to turn the V-1325R into a home security system to monitor and record movement automatically, and under any lighting conditions, including full darkness.  Priced at $44.90, the V-1325R is a quality product with dual capabilities.


Designed for ease-of-use and quick-chat capabilities, the V-1300 contains high-definition color (1280 x 720 HD) and an instant message button that immediately launches popular chat programs, such as MSN or SKYPE.  The V-1300 is priced at $34.90 and can also capture still photos and stream video.

All of Agama’s webcams are quality, solid products that can be used to upload video and images to YouTube, blogs or any Internet web site.  Each camera is built with an USB 2.0 interface that works with both Mac and PC and is designed to be the envy of any webcam user.


Founded in 2006, Agama is a cutting-edge quality consumer electronic company that provides a unique, practical, and easy-to-use line of products that are manufactured with the highest level of advanced technology, combined with the most aesthetic use of design.  As products become an even more integral part of our daily lives, Agama aims to provide consumers with the products they need to further this trend — with a commitment to finding unique ways to fuse technology and design. 

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