Apotop Intros Wi-Copy Mobile Storage, Router and Battery in One

Apotop has just announced the Wi-Copy which is an all-in-one type of device for use with your mobile gadgets. The Wi-Copy is portable wireless storage, but it’s also a router and it also has a 5200mAh battery in it it to charge your devices while on the go. For storage you can use SD cards or USB flash drives and you can transfer to and from the Wi-Copy or stream from it to your devices. It works with iOS or Android and you’ll need to install the app that goes with it of course…


Apotop, maker of creative electronics and peripherals, has a unique multi-use mobile helper. The Wi-Copy is a multi-use mobile device that provides computer-less file copying, wireless streaming, and backup power.

With the Apotop Wi-Copy, you can share a single internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously, transfer files between an iOS or Android device and a USB/SD without an Internet connection (using the free App), stream up to five HD movies simultaneously to multiple iOS or Android devices (using the free App) and use the built-in rechargeable 5200mAh battery for up to 14 hours of continuous usage.

Featuring an ultra-compact design and requiring no computer to transfer between SD cards and USB flash drives, the Wi-Copy allows for a multitude of mobile solutions. Now you don’t need to use your computer to copy files for a friend or coworker.

The Wi-Copy allows you to use your phone to transfer files between storage devices. Photos taken using digital cameras or important work data can be stored and backed up instantly. You’ll never have to carry your laptop along or worry that your large files can’t be transmitted.

Enjoy videos without going online and using bandwidth. Wirelessly connect your smart phone or tablet to an SD card or USB flash drive via a dedicated App and backup photos to the storage media. You can also use your smart device to wirelessly access music, videos, pictures and documents. High transmission bandwidth even allows multiple users to access the same content so you can share multiple videos and documents with friends or coworkers.

At the same time, enjoy the Wi-Copy as a full power bank where you can charge your mobile device anytime. The unit is equipped with a 5200mAh battery which can be used for 14 hours. It even supports fast charging.

Lastly, the Wi-Copy is a wireless router. Your worries about not having a wireless hotspot in hotels is over. The Wi-Copy conveniently converts a wired internet connection into a mobile hotspot allowing connections from smartphone, tablets and laptops.

For more information about Apotop, please visit: http://www.apotop.net/