ARCTIC 10th Anniversary Give-Away Starts in this Weekend


Arctic is celebrating their 10th anniversary and they’re giving away about $10,000 worth of prizes!! I’d say that’s very generous of them wouldn’t you? It’s all on their Facebook page so you’ll have to like them and then make sure you’re there on the 6th as it’s a real-time event.


ARCTIC is proud to celebrate its upcoming 10th Annversary with a series of events, which include a realtime MCQ, a video contest and a photo contest, from this weekend till mid-December 2011.

The first event, a realtime Facebook MCQ "10 STEPS TO THE TOP", is commencing at 19:00 (CET) on November 6. Thorough this creative event, winners will get different ARCTIC products with value over USD$10,000.

Don’t hesitate! Click into ARCTIC facebook page( to join the event now!

Following the "10 STEPS TO THE TOP", the Video Contest and the Photo Contest will start at 23:59 (CET) on November 28. Another chance is provided to win ARCTIC products with value over USD$7,000!