Arctic Cooling gets its groove on with their new Arctic Sound line of products!

arctic sound

I’ve personally known about this for a little while while now but I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone… but today Arctic Cooling, yes I said Cooling, has announced a new line of sound related products. As of today they’re releasing several different sets of ear buds ranging from about $25 up to $70.  They’re being categorized in three ways with numbers, 1, 2 & 3. The 1s being the lower end of the scale and up to the 3s being the higher end or full spectrum sound ear buds. In the included release below they also, mention the upcoming headphones and even speakers. Of course they already sent me a pair, so expect that review next week from me, but for now I’ve included a pictures I took of the pair I received which is the high end E361-WM. The pair I got for review can also be used with your computer or cell phone, yes there’s an in-line microphone, and they even come with a really nice case to protect them during transport.


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High-quality  products.  Innovative Swiss designs. ARCTIC COOLING  today  proudly  launched  a  dynamic  audio  line  –  the ARCTIC  SOUND.  Following  the  success  in  designing  efficient  computer  cooling systems, this brand new series aims to provide a wide variety of audio products at the highest standard at different price classes.

  ARCTIC SOUND classifications  Sound  different.  Feel  different.  Each  ARCTIC  SOUND  product  is  precisely engineered by Swiss and German audio experts. There are 3 product categories in this  series:  (1)  Earphones  (2)  Headphones  /  Headsets  (3)  Speakers.  Multiple categories  are  available  in  each  class,  offering  diversified  music  and  audio experience according to your personal preferences

Microphone  and  color  options are  also  available  for  selected ARCTIC SOUND models. There will  be  a  simple  code  after  the numbering system as indication.



ARCTIC SOUND Earphones – E300 / E200 / E100 series 
6 earphone models are  launched which  fulfill different acoustic  requirements and preferences.  

(1)  High-End Earphones E300 series – ARCTIC SOUND E361 / E352 / E351
These  outstanding  earphones  deliver  high  sound  quality  in  every  aspect.  Deep and  powerful  bass  is  one  of  key  features  of  the  E300  series.  Each  model  is equipped  with  large  driver  coils  (Ø10mm  /  9mm) which  reproduce  dynamic  and super deep bass without any distortions. 

Quality  of  the  chassis  is  also  critical  for  authentic  sound  quality.  The  E361  and E351  aluminum  chassis  is  precisely  engineered  and  sealed  for  top  class  sound isolation.  It  guarantees  full  and  accurate  sound  transmission  into  your  ear  canal without  internal sound  leakage. The wooden chassis of  the E352  reveals a warm sound definition which is ideal for those who prefer natural audio performance.


(2)  Mid-Range Earphones E200 series – ARCTIC SOUND E231 / E221
If  you  are  not  a  bass  enthusiast,  the E200  series would  be  an  option.  Pleasant bass,  fine highs and clear vocals are reproduced by  the driver coils. Same as  the E300  series,  the  E231  also  features  a  precisely  milled  aluminium  chassis  for delivering enriched sound definition.



Comfort fit, sound isolation and enhanced bass by soft silicone caps 
To  achieve  top-notch  listening  experience,  both  E300  and  E200  series  are packaged with 3 sets of ultra-soft silicone caps  in small, medium and  large sizes. Wearing comfort can be personalized by choosing the most suitable cap size that
fits best for your ears, so that they stay comfortable even after prolonged use. 

The  “seal”  in  the  ears  blocks  ambient  noise  efficiently  so  that  you  hear  only  the sound from the earphones and nothing more. Even when you are on a plane, with the ARCTIC SOUND earphones, you will hear your  favorite music  instead of  the ambient noise. Such high-level sound  isolation also enhances bass response and improves the overall sound quality.

Protect your valuable earphones with the ARCTIC In-Ear Case 

Every E300 earphone comes with an ARCTIC In-Ear Case. This compact carrying case is perfect for storing and protecting the earphones.  The  ARCTIC  In-Ear  Case  can  be  purchased  separately  at  US$8.95  /  6.45  € MSRP (excl. VAT). It will be available in the market from March. 

Multi-functional and multi-compatible earphones
The E361, E351, E231 and E221 also feature a microphone version. This delicate microphone is ideal for phone calls and online communications such as Skype and MSN voice call. 

A 3.5mm TRRS plug  is equipped  for  transferring both microphone and earphone signals, which is ideal for mobile phones. For devices such as PCs, which support only  the standard 3.5 stereo plug,  it  is necessary  to use  the adapter provided  to use both the earphones as well as the microphone. 

An  additional  adapter  cable  is  required  to  use  the ARCTIC  SOUND  earphones with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and LG mobile phones.  It can be purchased at  the Webshop acs4



ARCTIC SOUND Headphones – P500 / P300 / P200 / P100 series 
The ARCTIC SOUND P-series headphones and headsets will be launched in Q2. This series covers a wide range of products for different usages such as gaming, office, multi-communications, wireless. 

ARCTIC SOUND Speaker – S800 to S100 series 
There  are  two main  categories  in  the  ARCTIC  SOUND  S  series  –  5.1  speakers  and  2.1  speakers.  The standard 2.1 speaker S100 series will be launched in Q2; other models will follow in Q3 and Q4. 
The  ARCTIC  SOUND  E-series models  E361,  E352,  E351,  E232,  E231  will  be  available  from  February.
Please see chart below for MSRP. 

Enjoy music. Enjoy the ARCTIC SOUND series! 

ARCTIC  COOLING  Switzerland  AG  is  the  trusted  leader  in  IT  hardware  design,  specialized  in  providing
efficient and quiet thermal cooling solutions for laptops and PCs. Its core product categories include CPU and
VGA coolers, case fans, PC cases and PSUs. For further expansion, the Company has extended its product
line  to  various  electric  and  electronic  products  such  as  alkaline  and  rechargeable  batteries,  battery,  USB
chargers and entertainment systems. Headquartered  in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, ARCTIC COOLING operates
international offices in Hong Kong and the US providing local shipping, customer service and sales support. 





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