Arctic Launches Home Charger 4500

More power is always a good thing and the new Home Charger 4500 from Artic features four USB ports for providing extra power to your devices when you need it most. It’s available now worldwide on Amazon for about $15 which isn’t bad at all.

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Isn’t it enough that the bigger part of our lives we are waiting for something – calls , the friend, the bus, better weather – there is no need that our beloved technical toys tax our patience as well! But it is no help: If smartphone & co. demand with a whining sound and a reproachful flashing for fresh juice, it means: charging and waiting … But who actually says that this has to last so long? With the new extremely powerful Home Charger 4500 from ARCTIC it is possible not only to charge all USB -enabled devices from only one outlet – it is lightning-fast too! Four specially developed quick-charging ports ensure simultaneous ultra- fast charging for several tablets and smartphones. The support of the latest USB 3.1 technology provides an extra boost. Through LED indicators for each port including a combined display you keep an eye on the charging status while an overload protection protects against overheating. Due to its compact design the Home Charger 4500 also saves a lot of space and the jumbled array of different cables. It is now available at, Amazon (France), Amazon (Italy), Amazon (US), Tntrade (Czech).

Home Charger 4500 – QUICK FACTS

– Four USB ports with quick- charging capability , two tablet connections
– More speed with USB 3.1 support
– LED indicators for each port + combined display
– Compatible with all brands and USB devices
– 4500mA Output
– 86 % efficiency
– Overload protection