AVerMedia Announces New Dual Digital TV Tuner Technology-Evolved!

For those HTPC people out there, this might interest you…

Watch one program while recording another or record two programs simultaneously!

MILPITAS, Calif., June 29 /PRNewswire/ — AVerMedia(R) Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Digital Multimedia Technology announced today, the North American release of the AVerTVHD Duet (Retail) (A188R).


The AVerTVHD Duet is your Pure HD Dual Digital, Compatible with Windows(R) 7 TV tuner that will “Accelerate” your existing HTPC (Home Theater PC) to higher levels of High Definition Digital Entertainment. It’s designed to receive HD Digital TV Over-the-Air (ATSC) or Unencrypted Digital Cable (ClearQAM) signals directly to your PC! The AVerTVHD Duet has a single input, which adopts the PCI Express interface, which offers a stable and higher bandwidth transmission environment than the traditional PCI bus.

“One of the great features about a dual tuner is, with the included AVer MediaCenter application, users can watch one program, while recording another, or record two programs simultaneously! Better yet, if you have an available PCI-E slot, you can install a second tuner and record up to four different programs simultaneously, while viewing any of the four programs,” stated Dominic Wong, AVerMedia’s Sr. Technical Manager.

Through the AVer MediaCenter application, which also supports all Windows Operating Systems (32 and 64 Bit), you will experience PIP (Picture-in-Picture) features. This function enables you to work on their PC and watch TV at the same time, providing more convenience to watch TV without interrupting your work! While working on your PC you can choose the PIP window size from 1/4, 1/9 or 1/16 on your PC screen. Also, you can select Transparent PIP and see through the Picture-in-Picture, not to cover anything on your desktop that you may be working on.

PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features such as Pause, Rewinding and Recording Live TV as well as Scheduling Recordings and TimeShift are also part of the AVer MediaCenter application. Digital Sound, Closed Caption, HDTV quality up to 1080i, is just some of the additional features that the AVer MediaCenter application provides.

In addition, with advanced H.264 recording compression technology, you can directly record your favorite TV shows into 320 x 240 resolution, upload and play them on your iPod / PSP or any other portable media player.

With its Pure HD receiving capabilities and great features, the AVerTVHD Duet will enrich the users’ entertainment viewing experience by watching live HD Digital TV on their PC, while witnessing Dual Digital Technology – Evolved.

Pricing and Availability:

The AVerTV Duet is available NOW through the AVerMedia eStore, leading retailers, e-commerce sites and value added resellers in two versions and has an MSRP of $69.99 for the White Box (A188WB) and $89.99 for the Retail Box (A188R), which includes the AVer MediaCenter application. For more information about this TV tuner product or any of AVerMedia’s other Digital Multimedia Products, please visit us at www.avermedia-usa.com/AVerTV.

About AVerMedia Technologies:

AVerMedia is the technology leader in Digital Multimedia Video Convergence Technology. Aside from its full line of TV Tuners and Personal Video Recorder products, AVerMedia provides Hardware and Software DVR Board Security Systems, Document Cameras, Digital Video Makers, TV Photo Viewers, and PC-to-TV Converters for consumer and corporate/educational markets. AVerMedia also partners with ODMs for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integration applications.


RoHS Certified manufacturing processed metals and plastics. AVerMedia’s not only committed to RoHS/WEEE Directive, but conducts EMI and safety countermeasure to ensure consumers’ health and environment protection. All products are available with lead-free finishes and flame retardant.

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Source: AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.


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