Bellco Ventures introduces the Ion Wireless Air Mouse glove

I couldn’t come up with any kind of headline that didn’t include the Power Glove in it. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the old Nintendo Power Glove.  It’s a mouse, and it’s a glove, you can control your computer with your hand basically. It can be used for presentations, gaming, or most anything you can use a mouse for. I’m not sure I’d want one though, it’s kind of odd, but it does bring about thought of Minority Report.


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With this new mouse, users can sit back and relax while controlling the cursor; no more stressing over the table mouse. Especially helpful for corporate presentations, educational lectures, gaming, and home entertainment systems the Ion Wireless Mouse provides a wide range of freedom for computer and internet TV owners. It has full control and mobile range from 35 feet away. Just plug in the USB module to any computer system, such as Windows, Mac, or Android, and your wireless mouse glove is mobile.

With the holidays approaching fast, the Ion Wireless Air Mouse is available to the public for $79.95. This mouse is not only for those technology savvy customers, but anyone who is looking for the comfort, convenience, and freedom that this mouse offers to users.

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