Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N Adapters Deliver Breakthrough Wi-Fi Performance for Notebooks

Notebook owners rejoice, you can now get the performance of a Bigfoot adapter! No longer something just for desktop owners.

Bigfoot Networks, the technology company behind the Killer(TM) line of networking products for online games, today introduced the new Killer(TM) Wireless-N family of high-performance Wi-Fi(R) adapters. Leveraging Bigfoot Networks’ exclusive Killer(TM) Wireless Technology and the latest 802.11n features, Killer Wireless-N adapters perform up to five times faster[1] than competing products. Killer Wireless-N adapters combine superior wireless networking speed with powerful intelligence and control to deliver an optimal experience for online games, HD video and high-quality audio. This results in unprecedented wireless networking capabilities for today’s notebook user.

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Killer Wireless-N adapters are designed to fulfill consumers’ growing appetite for online gaming, on-demand media and other time-sensitive applications. Recent studies forecast that worldwide consumer Internet traffic related to online gaming, IP communications, online video and audio will grow 500% by 2014[2]. 47.5 million people already play online games in the United States[3], and online video viewing is up 45% over last year[4]. Skype, meanwhile, expects users to spend 190 billion minutes per year on online communications, with 40% of those calls using video[5].

The popularity of online applications is pushing existing network solutions to the limit, which results in freezing, stuttering, lower-quality audio and video and a generally poor user experience. Killer Wireless-N adapters tackle these challenges with technology Bigfoot Networks perfected for the demanding and competitive PC gaming market.

"Popular online applications like gaming, Voice over IP (VoIP) and HD video are some of the most sensitive to latency and packet loss over Wi-Fi connections," said Bigfoot Networks CEO Michael Howse. "With our innovative networking technology and advanced 802.11n hardware, Killer Wireless-N adapters not only accelerate performance for online games, they also reduce stuttering, excessive buffering and other annoyances in video chat and on-demand entertainment services. You can watch Internet TV, listen to streaming music or play a first-person shooter while downloading a huge e-mail attachment, and not miss a thing. It’s a powerful new online experience for notebook users."

Killer Wireless-N adapters support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards, operate on 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and come in a half-size mini-PCIe form factor for integration with the latest notebook models from leading PC manufacturers. Killer Wireless-N 1103 and 1102 adapters deliver industry-leading data rates of up to 450 Mbps and 300 Mbps, respectively, using range-enhancing 802.11n technologies that yield higher data throughput rates over longer distances. Killer Wireless-N adapters also offer reduced power consumption and Wi-Fi Direct(TM) peer-to-peer technology to ensure heightened flexibility for today’s mobile lifestyle.

Exclusive Killer(TM) Wireless Technology optimisations give Killer Wireless-N adapters the unique ability to adapt to flows of data from different applications. Advanced Stream Detect(TM) technology automatically classifies and prioritises latency-sensitive network traffic for online games, HD video and high-quality audio, providing better control and fewer interruptions. Teamed with Bigfoot Networks’ Visual Bandwidth Control(TM) technology, it enables users to view and control network traffic for each application in real time using a simple, intuitive interface. The result is an unrivalled online media solution for notebook computers.

Key technology features include:

    - Cutting-Edge 11n Performance - Up to five times better latency than
      leading competitors and enhanced rate-over-range performance. 3-stream 
      MIMO on the Killer Wireless-N 1103 adapter enables data rates up to 
      450 Mbps[6]. 2-stream MIMO on the Killer Wireless-N 1102 adapter 
      enables data rates up to 300 Mbps[7].

    - Advanced Stream Detect(TM) - Automatically classifies and prioritises
      online games, HD video and high-quality audio for better quality and 
      fewer interruptions in your online experience.

    - Visual Bandwidth Control(TM) - Lets users see which applications are
      hogging bandwidth and tune performance for each, so they don't 
      interfere with online gameplay or multimedia applications. Offers the 
      freedom to download files or watch a video or browse the web 

    - PC Monitor(TM) - Monitor and manage wireless notebook PC health and
      performance with graphical displays and detailed logging via an 
      intuitive user interface.

"Our customers demand nothing less than the best in online performance," said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and Co-Founder of ORIGIN PC. "Increasingly, that means not just games, but streaming movies, music and other kinds of media. With the Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N adapter, they enjoy not just lightning-fast gaming performance, but smoother playback and reduced buffering with their favorite online entertainment."

"We pride ourselves on delivering products that define the cutting edge," said Chris Morley, CTO of Maingear Computers. "With its breakthrough combination of power, performance and networking intelligence, the Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N adapter will ensure our customers have an unbeatable online experience, whether they’re playing games, watching on-demand movies or video chatting with friends."

Killer Wireless-N adapters will be available in gaming and media notebook PCs from leading vendors including Schenker Notebooks (, XMX Notebooks (, One Notebooks ( and others.

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[6] Up to 450Mbps raw data rate enabled with 802.11n with 3 spatial streams. Actual wireless throughput will vary.

[7] Up to 300Mbps raw data rate enabled with 802.11n with 2 spatial streams. Actual wireless throughput will vary.