BitFenix Intros Prodigy Window and Alchemy Mixed Cables

So it seems people have requested more customization for their BitFenix cases and accessories, and BitFenix has gave them what they asked for. You can now get side windows panels for the Prodigy case so you can see what’s going on inside and they’ve also introduced mixed colored cabling so you can color coordinate your systems.

prodigy_wsp_k_45_small prodigy_wsp_w_side_small BFA-MSC-24ATX45BKK-R-1_small BFA-MSC-24ATX45RKK-R-2_small 


With overwhelming response from the community, users have requested greater personalization for their BitFenix cases and accessories. Today, BitFenix is pleased to announce the Prodigy Window Accessory and Alchemy Mixed Cable Series.

Displaying a clear, non-obstructive acrylic, the Prodigy Side Panel Window Accessory is a hassle free option to obtain a clear view of your full sized video card. Without any clips or tacky mounting mechanisms in sight, your Prodigy Black or Prodigy White can maintain its sleek design while having no compromises to the hardware inside.

Custom individual sleeving is a great way to add flare and cleanliness to a computer. But without the right tools, it can be very time consuming and messy. BitFenix Alchemy Cables proved to be a modder’s favorite when it comes to shrinkless and flexible cables. Featuring our ultra-dense NanoSleeve™ braiding in an alternating pattern of colors, Alchemy Mixed Cables make customizing and color coordinating your system an incredibly simple affair.

Both the Prodigy Side Panel Window Accessory and Alchemy Mixed Cables will be available at the middle of February.

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