BlueReach Lets Your Apple Dock Work with Android

I never thought I would see the day I could use my Android phone with an Apple 30 pin style dock, but it’s here, thanks to Pyle Audio. You can’t actually dock to the dock, the BlueReach is a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the 30 pin connection of the dock and then transmits the audio to the speakers. I think it’s a good idea as the new iPhone connector isn’t compatible with old docks, but now you can still use them with your newer Apple products..



Pyle Audio: BlueReach
Elegant Bluetooth receiver that turns your 30-pin dock into a wireless speaker system

Users can listen, play and control their favorite music through their existing dock from any iOS or Android device

Receiver stores up to eight paired devices

33-feet of working wireless range

No need to charge the receiver as it uses the power supply directly from the docking station