Bongiovi Acoustics Audio Solution Re-Masters Your PC’s Audio in Real-Time with Surprising Results

Every time I’ve read Bongiovi I see it as it says ‘Bon Jovi’ I don’t know why, it just looks like that’s what it says. This app though is surprising, you can pop over to their website and see or actually listen to a demo of it in action and I have to say I was impressed. I’m curious how it really works, it re-masters your audio to make it sound better. I have to wonder though if it will affect your computer in the process, like how much CPU does it use? Supposedly you can already get this for your iPhone, iPod or iPad for free so you too can enjoy good sound.




Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station (DPS) brings Patented Real-Time Audio Re-mastering™ to your PC and any system or device you connect to it.  With a simple download, you can breathe new life into all of your digital media, whether its music, videos, movies, TV, internet radio, VOIP or podcasts. The DPS Windows Plug-in is available now for a limited time, introductory price of $14.99 and there are no subscription fees or additional costs. You can also sample for free by visiting
The Bongiovi DPS Plug-In for Windows is a system-wide audio solution that enables users to DPS-enhance all of their computer’s sound. Using the same audio mastering techniques employed in the original Power Station recording studio, Bongiovi’s technology interacts with the source material in real-time, effectively decompressing the audio signal. DPS’s unique profiling system then informs the DPS processor how to optimize the acoustic performance of your listening hardware, significantly enhancing the audio performance of your computer’s internal speakers. Now your laptop or desktop computer will sound loud and clear. DPS also optimizes accessories or systems such as headphones, external speakers, televisions, and home theater systems, whatever you plug your computer into.  No additional hardware is required.
“Millions of people who live on their computers suffer with low quality sound.  Until now, the typical solution has been to put a band-aid on the problem by purchasing more audio hardware,” says Ron Simmons, founding partner of Bongiovi Acoustics. “Our approach is to attack the problem at its source, the program material. We remaster your audio in real-time for optimized playback on your gear and the result is killer sound on any audio system, big or small. Tech advancements have enabled the video component of media to flourish while audio has been left behind. DPS technology changes all of that, delivering superior sound via a digital software solution. Today’s digital world requires digital solutions and that’s what Bongiovi Acoustics is all about." 
For your Apple iOS device, Bongiovi recently launched a new audio app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is available for FREE at the app store or iTunes.