Carnival King hits WiiWare

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Step right up…to Carnival King, the new WiiWare shooting game from Incredible Technologies!

Carnival King offers "something for everyone," as the barkers would say, and there’s nothing gory or mean-spirited about this "E for Everybody" title.

Carnival King features three virtual amusement parks, each with four distinctly-themed shooting galleries plus a whimsical bonus round. Each of the 15 games feature IT’s signature 3D graphics, set to a rollicking soundtrack that transports you instantly to the midway…except this is no ordinary midway…and the better your aim, the wilder things get!

Test your skill playing the Jetsons-like Stop the Robots, or try clearing the witch-infested Haunted House. There are tongue-in-cheek twists on other game favorites, including Cluster Buster (imagine a classic falling block puzzle, only played with a pistol) and Animal Match (part memory game, part Noah’s ark…played at sea, no less). Plus there are traditional galleries, like Balloon Wheel (pop the spinning balloons), Saloon Shoot (bust the bottles), and Knock ’em Over (topple the fuzzy fake felines).

The game advances at the player’s pace, which makes it equally fun for kids, casual players, and hardcore competitors. The smarter, faster, and more accurate the player, the further he or she progresses and the more surprises are revealed. This discovery device will keep players coming back to see what happens next.

In addition, there are leaderboards within the game and online, so both families and serious shooters can track their rankings.

Players can use their Wii(TM) controller or any gun peripheral. 1 or 2 can play at a time, and there’s also an endless practice mode.

Originally, Carnival King was developed by IT as a trend-setting arcade game. It follows Target Toss Pro: Bags, IT’s first WiiWare release, which maintained a Top 5 ranking for six months.

You can preview Carnival King online at, and press reviewers with a Wii development system should contact Gary Colabuono for a review copy.

So, step right up…or sit right down. Either way, you’ll love Carnival King. And while you’re at it, pass the cotton candy!

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