CES2011: Cobra PhoneTag Protects Smartphones and Other Valuables From Loss

Losing things is a problem for most everyone I think, Cobra just came out with a Bluetooth tag that works with your phone to keep track of your stuff. You just attach the tag to whatever you want to keep track of and load up the app on your phone and you can keep track of or find that stuff. It also works both ways, if you lost your phone you can press the PhoneTag to ring your phone, seems like an interesting little gadget.

The Cobra PhoneTag works by downloading the PhoneTag application to your smartphone and attaching the PhoneTag device to an item that you want to protect (keys, purse, computer bag).  The PhoneTag software monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items. If the items become separated, you will be alerted immediately. The PhoneTag application records the GPS location & time of when and where you lost your item. The software then sends the GPS information to a user defined contact list through email, text message, or optionally using a linked Facebook or Twitter account. PhoneTag can also act as a two-way "finder".  Simply tap the button on the PhoneTag device to ring your smartphone. If you are looking for your PhoneTag protected item, the PhoneTag application will help you to find it.


"Cobra PhoneTag tracks and connects any personal valuable to the internet by harnessing the power of Bluetooth enabled smartphones," said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. The PhoneTag smartphone software application provides user definable customization and control."

Every day people find themselves in situations where they cannot find keys, cell phones, computer cases and other valuables. More than 160,000 Americans lose their phone every day, and many more lose laptops, purses, luggage, and important items. The new Cobra PhoneTag helps prevent misplacing your tagged items.  Some users have even tagged themselves to prevent losing their new smartphones!

The new Cobra PhoneTag is powered by Phone Halo Technology.

To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at www.cobra.com

For more information on Phone Halo, please visit www.phonehalo.com

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