Compro Introduces Affordable and Easy-to-Install Outdoor Bullet Network Cameras

How about a nice new IP camera? Well Compro makes some good ones, I’m using one now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve got it hooked up to my NAS box actually so I can view it on my phone while I’m away and the picture quality is very good and considering it’s been running 24/7 for almost two years that’s got to say something about the build quality of it. They’ve just released a nice looking outdoor bullet style camera that would work great for home or business users.

Day & Night (CS400) CS400 EDM


Compro Technology, a leading manufacturer of IP video security products, today announces its CS400 Series outdoor bullet network cameras with IP66-rating and extreme low-light performance. The brand-new CS400 Series aims to address the needs of home users and small businesses to secure yards, driveways, entryways, etc., while providing them with an excellent price and performance ratio.

Compro CS400 Series comprises of CS400 and CS400P, with the latter additionally featuring Power-over-Ethernet support. Both cameras in Compro CS400 Series employ IP66-grade aluminum housing to protect against adverse weather conditions, such as dust, rain, snow, and sun. The plug-n-play nature of CS400 Series allows for a foolproof camera installation and makes it relatively easy to scale up camera network when needed. Also, ultra-clear night-time image quality is achieved on Compro CS400 Series with 30 high-performance IR lEDs, a mechanical IR-cut filter, and a double-glass construction.

The palm-sized CS400 Series cameras are suitable for installation in limited space, and their extreme low-light performance makes them perfect for deployment at yards, driveways, entryways, parking lots, industrial sites, street surveillance, or any indoor or outdoor locations where clear night-time image quality is vital.

Other features provided in Compro CS400 Series include progressive scan technology, leading-edge H.264 video compression technology, Macintosh support, and real-time SMS and Email alert messaging feature. Furthermore, all Compro CS400 Series cameras offer a feature-rich smartphone app that lets users securely view and manage multiple cameras over the Internet. The new cameras are fully supported by Compro’s Embedded Linux network video recorders.

Compro CS400P featuring PoE support will be available to order from the beginning of December. Compro CS400, a non-PoE version in the Compro CS400 Series, will also be available at a later date. For photos and other resources, please visit