Disney G-Force Screenshots, box art and trailer #3


Earlier today I posted the official press release that the game G-Force was now available, we’ve posted a couple trailers leading up until today, now I’ve got the final trailer along with screenshots for each of the platforms and box art as well.

G-Force is the first game for next-generation systems to fully feature three-dimensional game play. On the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 system versions, players can turn on the 3-D features at any point throughout the game to experience the special 3-D features while wearing 3-D glasses.


BoxArt360 GF_DS_2D GF_PS2fob2D GF_PS3fob2D GF_PSPfob2D GF_Wiifob2D

It all looks the same… these companies need to come up with different covers for each one, mix it up a bit, make it more interesting…

Here’s the final trailer P-Force!

DS_Darwin_Iron DS_DarwinReplacement

Playstation 3:

GForce_PS3_01 GForce_PS3_02


GForce_PSP_01 GForce_PSP_02 GFORCE_PSP_03 GForce_PSP_4 GForce_PSP_6 GForce_PSP_7

Nintendo Wii:


GForce_Wii_01 GForce_Wii_02 GForce_Wii_03 GForce_Wii_04 GForce_Wii_05 GForce_Wii_06 GForce_Wii_07

and the Xbox360:

GF_GPX360_01 GF_GPX360_02 GF_GPX360_03 GF_GPX360_04 GForce Xbox360_05 GForce Xbox360_06 GForce Xbox360_07 GForce Xbox360_08 GForce Xbox360_09 GForce Xbox360_10 GForce Xbox360_11 GForce Xbox360_12


Looks to be a lot of fun… my kind of game!

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