Double Fusion to Launch Dynamic In-Game Video Advertising in WipEout HD for the PLAYSTATION3 System

Jus what we need, more advertising in our video games…  I might be able to understand and accept it if it meant that the games would be lower in price, but it doesn’t mean that does it? it just means more annoying ads in our games..

Double Fusion today announced that it will introduce the first dynamic video advertisements on the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) system in the hit downloadable title, zero-gravity racer WipEout HD, currently available worldwide via the PlayStation Network. The addition of dynamic ads into WipEout HD connects brands to the game’s growing fan-base across North America and Europe via the highest definition video ads available in-game. Double Fusion (, the leading in- and around-game advertising and gaming audience network, will also offer standard definition video ad placements to supplement the HD-quality units.

Taking advantage of WipEout HD’s 1080p high definition capabilities, Double Fusion’s video ads approach the HD graphics experienced during gameplay. Developed to contextually match the game’s sleek futuristic design, video advertisements complement the WipEout HD world seamlessly. Ads are shown during the game’s loading screens in a number of different visual alignments.

"By introducing high-resolution dynamic video ads into WipEout HD, Double Fusion is responding to advertiser demand and offering an engaging ad format while pushing in-game ad innovation to a new level," said Jonathan Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion. "The title is one of the most popular and visually stunning available on the PlayStation Network and a perfect vehicle to connect advertisers to a captivated audience. It comes as no surprise that advertisers have already signed up for WipEout HD even before the launch of the new video ad units in the game."

The WipEout HD partnership adds another title to Double Fusion’s growing PS3 system network. The company expects to launch dynamic in-game ads in another handful of titles by the end of the year, giving advertisers a comprehensive audience of gamers to target through the console.