E Fun Gets Into Home Automation with Nexturn DIY Kits

I’m not sure about the whole home automation trend that’s going on now, maybe I’m being paranoid, but I don’t want anyone to be able to hack my house. These days it seems anything is possible when it comes to hackers, but then again who knows I could be overreacting. Anyway, at CES this year E FUN has announced their own home automation kits that are do it yourself or DIY actually made for people like me who want to be more hands on. It’s called Nexturn and the basic or bronze kit is $159, but you can get the silver for $199 or the gold for $299. Each package has different things in it, but there are many other accessories and add-ons available to purchase as well.

E FUN, a consumer electronics designer and manufacturer of mobile lifestyle products, has launched a line of easy-to-install, simple-to-use home automation products. Under the brand name of Nexturn, the products allow consumers to view what’s going on at their home in real time, as well as be able to control a variety of functions within the residence through their smartphone or tablet. Users simply choose the kit that fits their needs and install it themselves. The new Nexturn line of home automation products by E FUN will be on display at the International CES in South Hall meeting room MP25477.

“Nexturn delivers affordable home automation packages for convenience, safety, and peace of mind,” stated Jason Liszewski, managing director and vice president of sales for E FUN. “It allows users, from anywhere and at anytime, to operate lighting and appliances throughout their homes, and to detect intruders or other suspicious behavior.”

E FUN Home Automation

Nexturn’s flexible and secure architecture centralizes control of lighting; HVAC (heating/ventilation/ air conditioning); appliances; security locks on windows, doors, and gates; and other systems. The E FUN Nexturn home automation system provides a convenient way to manage comfort, energy efficiency, and security in a singlecost-effective package. It allows users to connect from anywhere at anytime via a secure service with high availability.

User Friendly App
The Nexturn+ app (for both iOS and Android systems and available at Google Play or Apple App Store) is the engine that enables users to review and control their home electrical functions via smartphone or tablet. Through the app, the Nexturn kit reports system status, sends command controls, and receives alerts regarding home security.

Cloud Management Security
E FUN has partnered with an enterprise-level, world class IOT (Internet of Things) cloud service, with backing from Cisco and other leading IOT companies. Nexturn offers full 128-bit SSL-encryption and PKI-based key exchange end-to-end for maximum security and data protection. Additionally, multi-layer authentication performed by cloud eliminates spoofs, man-in-the-middle, piracy. Other important cloud-based security features include role-based access control that dictates who can see what and activity logs to facilitate security auditing.

No Monthly Subscription
Unlike traditional home monitoring systems, for which it is easy to spend $60 a month, there is no monthly payments or contracts required with a Nexturn home automation system.

“This past holiday season was a perfect example of how valuable our Nexturn system can be,” remarked Liszewski. “All across the country, packages left on doorsteps by the post office or other delivery companies were being stolen. With a Nexturn Gold system in place, many of these thieves could have easily been caught and convicted.”

Three Kits
The Nexturn system is available in three kits: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All include a Zigbee gateway, smart plug on/off switch, smart bulb converter, two door sensors, and a magnet binding bar. The Silver kit also includes a wireless switch and two motion sensors. The Gold kit includes everything the Silver kit has plus a Wi-Fi IP camera.

Pricing and Availability
E FUN Nexturn Home Automation products will be available March 2015 with the following MSRPs: Bronze package (model NTKT-001), $159; Silver package (model NTKT-002), $199; and Gold package (model NTKT-003), $299.

Add-on Accessories (sold separately)

Smart bulb converter (turns regular bulb into smart bulb), MSRP $24.99

Wireless switch (controls bulb’s ON/OFF status with smart bulb converter), MSRP $19.99

Smart plug (allows remote control on/off with power tracking), MSRP $29.99

Door/window sensor (provides door/window alert), MSRP $19.99

Wi-Fi IP camera (allows user to view real-time video), MSRP $79.99

Magnetic bar (for easily adding more devices), MSRP $9.99

For additional information regarding the Nexturn home automation system, visit www.nexturnusa.com.