ENERMAX ACRYLUX Keyboard Product Press Release

ENERMAX is proud to announce the launch of its latest keyboard “ACRYLUX”.

Slimness is the eternal demand on any peripheral for most users. ENERMAX industrial engineers have achieved a new level of slimness – Unlike other slim keyboards that only achieve their slimness by sacrificing the wrist rest and thus typing comfort, ACRYLUX features a full wrist rest with a profile of only 9.2 mm.

Like the AURORA aluminum keyboard family, ACRYLUX incorporates all state of features such as the patented scissors key switch technology and zero degree angle of the key caps. Product is made of hardened Acryl with a hardness of up to 7H, making it extremely scratch-resistant. The inner edges of the key zones are cut and painted with silver to achieve their diamond-cut like look.




ACRYLUX is available in two versions, the wired USB 2.0 KB009U-B and the wireless KB009W-B. Wireless model uses 2.4GHz RF wireless technology for operation distances up to 10 meters, advanced power saving management with Battery Status LED Indicator.



ACRYLUX has already won the prestigious “Good Design Award / Japan & “Taiwan Excellence Award 2009”

KB009U-B Video   US$65 MSRP    Available January 2010

KB009W-B Video   US$85 MSRP    Available January 2010