Enermax Launches Two New Multi-Function Card Readers

I’ve always liked these type products, multi-card readers I mean, I’ve always had one installed in my computer and I use it all the time. Enermax has just launched two new multi-function bay style card readers, one is 3.5” and one is 5.25” in size. The larger ones has seven total USB ports along with card readers for pretty much every memory card on the market but it can also house two 2.5” drives and a  3.5” drive. The smaller 3.5” reader is bascialyl just USB ports and the card reader, but it’s still very useful I think…

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With the rapid demand on data access and storage, the mass audience also desires faster charging time. Enermax, a world-renowned PC DIY manufacturer, recently announces Enermax’s new product line, Mighty Charger card reader, which was showcased at Computex Taipei 2014. Mighty Charger card reader comes in two models, the ECR501 designed for 5.25” drive bay and ECR301 for 3.5” drive bay. Both models support eSATA, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB Super Charger ports, offering the most complete functions.

Card reader with USB 3.0 bandwidth

Enermax Mighty Charger card reader features the access speed in USB 3.0 bandwidth. Compared to the major card readers in the market, which are in USB 2.0 bandwidth, the data transfer rate of each port on Mighty Charger card reader is 10 times faster! Both models can support 5 major cards: MS (PRO/PRO DUO), CF (I/II/MD), SD (SDHC/SDXC/MMC/RS MMC), Micro SD and M2 port. In addition, ECR501 supports Extreme Digital card.

USB Super Charger

More importantly, Mighty Charger card reader offers one USB Super Charger port (colored in yellow-green) for smart phones and tablets. It is compliant with the latest USB Battery Charging (BC) Specification version 1.2 which can support up to 2.4A charging power and save 80% charging time. In addition, other Mighty Charger’s USB 2.0 port supports up to 1.5A charging power, 3 times faster than normal USB 2.0 ports

More USB ports and storage space!

Mighty Charger card reader ECR301 provides 1 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0 and one eSATA ports. ECR501 has 1 x USB 3.0, 5 x USB 2.0 and one eSATA ports. Both models have LED indicators to display the USB and card readers’ data access status. Furthermore, ECR501 has additional two 2.5” and one 3.5” drive space in the body of the card reader. This feature provides the most convenient superior expansion for consumer use.

MSRP: ECR301 $35.99USD, ECR501 $39.99USD

The Enermax Might Charger card readers will be available in late-August. Price and availability may vary based on region.

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