First Shipment of Volt Solar Chargers headed to U.S.

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Honestly I’m tried of all of the iPhone crap out there, there’s just so much of it. Not saying anything against the Volt Solar Charge, it’s just a general blanket statement.

The Volt Solar Charger is an external battery pack that attaches to the iPhone and extends its battery life using a top-of-the-line, built-in solar panel. The Volt is capable of harvesting solar energy to charge all versions of the Apple iPhone with the same device. By capturing free, renewable solar power, the Volt recharges the iPhone’s battery first before charging its own internal battery, nearly doubling the smartphone’s talk time.

The Volt includes a larger battery than many competitors and is the only iPhone battery pack known to the company to include a reception corrector. In order to charge the Volt Solar Charger after sunset, a USB cable will also be included with the device. Manufactured in a variety of colors, the Volt will soon go on sale in the US and include a one-year warranty.


“GoSolarUSA is very excited to receive this first batch of Volt Solar Chargers,” Rohde said. “We believe this accessory has the potential to introduce millions of iPhone users to the daily use of solar technology, and we can’t wait to show it off. We plan to showcase these demonstration models for major retailers in order to get the Volt on store shelves as quickly as possible.”

Last week, GoSolarUSA announced that the company acquired the exclusive North American distribution rights to the Volt Solar Charger. The company signed a distribution agreement with Xiamen Solar Electronics (XSE), the Chinese developer of the Volt. The agreement provides GoSolarUSA the exclusive right to sell and distribute the Volt in North America, the world’s largest market for iPhone accessories.

The deal is only the latest development in the growing relationship between GSLO and XSE. GoSolarUSA also announced last week that it signed a profit participation agreement with XSE that entitles GSLO to a percentage of XSE’s future net profits worldwide.

“There is great demand in this market for powerful smartphone accessories, and the Volt genuinely improves the iPhone user experience,” Rohde said. “Due to the recent announcement that the iPhone 4 will be available to Verizon (NYSE: VZ) Wireless network subscribers starting next month, we anticipate that the massive domestic market for iPhone accessories such as the Volt will grow even larger in the coming months.”

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