FooCall – A New Low-cost International Calling Service That can be Used From any Phone or Computer

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The new service ‘FooCall’ has just launched, dedicated to providing consumers with an easy-to-use, cheap international calling solution that supports a range of calling methods.

FooCall users can make low-cost international calls from their existing home and mobile phones and there’s no need to change provider. There’s also a browser-based, web phone accessed by logging into the FooCall website, enabling users to call directly from their computer. No download or install is required for any of these calling options. The user simply prepays for some calling credit and can use as many of the calling options as they like, all from the same account.

FooCall’s international call rates are some of the lowest in the market. For example, an international call to an Indian mobile costs GBP1.50 per min on Vodafone, 4.7p per min on Skype and just 2.5p per min with FooCall[1]. Indeed, when you compare FooCall call rates to traditional fixed line and mobile operators, savings can be over 90%.

Graeme Hutchinson, former Sales & Marketing Director of Virgin Mobile and co-founder of Ghost Telecom, the company behind FooCall said "Some of our customers have used services from VoIP providers before, while others are wedded to their home phone or mobile. While they all want to save money when calling abroad, our experience has shown us that this is often made unnecessarily complicated through downloads, installations, set-up etc. FooCall requires no new hardware and no real change in behaviour. We offer very low international call rates and keep the whole thing simple. That’s good for all our customers."

FooCall has also introduced an iPhone app, allowing cheap international calling from your iPhone without needing a WiFi connection to do so.

FooCall is free to sign-up to at

All new users also get their first call free. The FooCall iPhone app is available now from the Apple App Store and is free to download.

About FooCall

FooCall is a new service, committed to offering consumers low cost international phone calls. FooCall requires no new investment in hardware and enables consumers to make international calls using an existing mobile phone, landline or on a computer, but at a fraction of the cost. The flexibility and simplicity of FooCall sets it apart from other services offering low cost international calling. For more on FooCall please visit

About Ghost Telecom

Ghost Telecom Limited is a new and progressive UK based telecommunications company founded in 2006. Funded by its founders and venture capital, Ghost Telecom creates and provides innovative and patented technology based solutions to both businesses and end consumers. More information can be found at

[1] Call rates example comparison based on Vodafone international rates (, Skype rates ( and FooCall standard rates ( at 15th October 2009. Some of FooCall’s calling methods use local dial-in numbers and might incur local call charges from operators.

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  1 comment for “FooCall – A New Low-cost International Calling Service That can be Used From any Phone or Computer

  1. Pete
    October 27, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    FooCALL ROCKS!!!!!

    Really cheap international calls and first call FREE! Now thats amazing!

    I love this service and I would recomment to all my friends and family.

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