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Wow, look at that, something free from AT&T! Yes AT&T is giving you a free app to help you find wi-fi hotspots. I have a sneaky suspicion though that this has  a lot to do with you top 5% of bandwidth hogs. I ‘m thinking this is a subtle hint for you to use wi-fi instead of the AT&T network. You know that same network that you pay to use every month. Yeah that one, they don’t want to use it even though you gave them your money to do so. Go grab this new free app on the Android market and stop hogging all the data!!!!



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Using Wi-Fi just became even easier. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi – a free app available today in the Android Market – allows Android customers to locate and seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi hotspots while also managing their favorite Wi-Fi connections right from their handsets. Even better, the app helps customers manage their wireless data usage by auto-connecting to Wi-Fi instead of using a wireless connection.

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi features include:

  • Manage – AT&T Smart Wi-Fi helps customers manage their Wi-Fi connections and cut their wireless data usage – since data transferred over a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t count toward a customer’s wireless data plan. While the app helps customers locate hotspots nearby, a "Missed Opportunities" list also shows other area hotspots customers can connect to next time. The "View Data Plan" feature provides customers with status updates on their data usage, including both Wi-Fi and wireless data usage and the percentage of monthly data used.
  • Conserve – AT&T Smart Wi-Fi helps to conserve device battery life through its ability to sense when Wi-Fi is near – keeping a user’s Wi-Fi radio off until it’s needed to connect. The app’s auto-detection greatly increases battery life, with the added benefit of not having to manually manage Wi-Fi connections. AT&T market research reveals that battery consumption and ease of finding connections are areas that customers who use Wi-Fi on their smartphones would like simplified.
  • Locate and Access– AT&T Smart Wi-Fi’s "My Spots" feature auto-connects customers to previously-accessed home, office or public Wi-Fi networks and AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots. The app’s "Popular Hotspots" feature finds and connects customers to any available Wi-Fi network – not just AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots – with good connection ratings as determined by other users’ experiences. And "Public Hotspots" continually scans for any other available open public hotspot and the strength of the signal.

The AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app is designed for use within the U.S. The app is compatible with select Android devices using version 2.1 or higher software. AT&T plans to bring the app to more devices in the future.

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