Free Android Game: A Knights Dawn

Happy Cyber Monday! It’s been a long last few days for me with the kids home, didn’t get much done. They go back to school tomorrow thankfully, but I’ve got a free game for Android for you today called A Knights Dawn. It’s a tower defense style game that did very well on iOS devices, I played it there but now I’m going to grab it for Android. They didn’t just port the game to Android though, they improved it with new features and more weapons. So go grab it, free is good!

Townscreenlevel2 Lvl01 Lvl02.1 Lvl02 Lvl03

„A Knights Dawn“ is a Multilevel Tower Defense Game for most newer Android devices. Gamers can expect immersive strategic gameplay within a vibrant fantasy world full of fantastic handdrawn graphics that will keep them coming back for more.

On iOS ,the paid version of “A Knights Dawn” was celebrated by over 100.000 users as a Top10 hit in more than 35 countries!

We did more than just port the game to Android however, we’ve actually integrated a wide range of new features including a completely new upgrade system with 60 weapons to choose from.

Android Market Link: