Free for All, Facial Recognition Software

Free is nice right? Many laptops these days come with software that works with your webcam for facial recognition for an added level of security, but a lot don’t. Normally you’d have to pay for software like this but Luxand is giving theirs away to Windows PC users, both consumer and commercial users can get it for free. The software supports both Vista and 7, either 32bit or 64bit versions. I may have to grab this myself to play with it. Oh and the software is called Blink!, yes with the exclamation at the end of the name.

All you need is to download Blink! free of charge and to log in to your PC simply by looking into webcam.

Blink! is a free, innovative application based on the Luxand’s facial recognition and biometric identification technology. Blink! helps you to free your hands while you log in to your PC. Moreover, Blink! takes a picture of every person who is trying to log in and thus helps to prevent unauthorized access. The new version of Blink!, which supports Windows Vista/7 both the 32- and 64-bit editions, is available absolutely for free.


The new version of Blink! identifies users even faster and better than before and under tough conditions. Even if you change your haircut or put glasses on, Blink! will still recognize your face. Almost in any lighting conditions during day or night Blink! will provide you with fast access to your PC with the help of powerful facial recognition technology.

Face recognition technologies used in Blink! are developed by Luxand and proved themselves in numerous applications. The proprietary technologies recognize users’ faces quickly and reliably in a wide variety of conditions. The technology that integrates into the Windows login screen is available for licensing.

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