Giada Announces A51 Series Mini PC with AMD Processor

I think the netbook has come and gone, but the nettop which is basically a full PC meant for basic use really hasn’t come into its own yet. Giada is a newer company, at least to me it is, but they seem to be specializing in mini or nettop PCs which are meant for basic use like web browsing, light gaming and or HTPC type use. They’re recently announced the A51 series that feature the AMD T56N CPU, 1080p output and even 5.1 surround capabilities. In fact an A51 recently arrived for my review here on technogog. The A51 is actually a cool little PC, I’ve got it hooked up to my HDTV at the moment and I can say it’s just as useful as a full-fledged, full sized HTPC. The end of the week I should have the review up for you, so check back then…




Giada, a brand of Jehe Technology Inc., (JEHE) is pleased to announce the new A51mini PC series with an AMD® T56N processor. This book-sized PC is quiet and unobtrusive, but offers remarkable power, performance and style. The A51 series is powerful enough to use as your main home computer, and it’s small size, low power consumption, and portability also make it the perfect choice for a second home PC.
This mini PC has all the features you need for the ultimate home entertainment, including 1080p Full High Definition graphics and vivid 5.1 surround sound. There’s full Windows 7 support out-of-the-box, and 320 Gigabytes of hard drive space to store your favorite music and movies. Accessories include a wireless remote with remote boot-up for comfortable viewing and listening. The A51 series is the ideal Home Theater PC (HTPC) and media server.
The A51’s AMD T56N processor provides more than enough computing power for your needs while just consuming 35W. Thanks toGiada’s advanced heat control technology, the A51 runs cool and quiet. When enjoying movies and music, you do not have to worry about loud fans spoiling your favorite scene or part of a song.
Available in black or white, the A51 series looks great in any living room, bedroom or home office, thanks to its stylish and slim design that help it fit neatly into even the smallest available space. It can blend into the background, but it’s always there to provide instant computing power whenever you need it.
The A51 series may be small, but it still offers plenty of connectivity options with its five USB connectors (1 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0), a gigabit network socket, high speed 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, plus HDMI and VGA video outputs. And there’s a memory card slot so you can instantly transfer your video, photos and music to or from mobile phones, cameras, and mp3 players. The USB connectors also allow you add huge external storage capacity for movies, music, photos and data.



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