Grace Digital Intros Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Compact Integrated Amplifiers

Hmm.. I’ve never seen anything like this before, or I should say I never really though of anything like this before. Grace Digital has just announced two amplifiers, but these are Bluetooth which means they’re wireless. The main difference between them is the wattage, the GDI-BTAR122 is 24 watts and the GDI-BTAR502 is 100 watts and of course the price which is $99.99 and $169.99.


Grace Digital, a leader in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless streaming audio solutions, introduces the GDI-BTAR122 (24 watt) and GDI-BTAR502 (100 watt) amplified wireless Bluetooth speaker adapters. Simply connect the Bluetooth wireless receiver with integrated amp to your bookshelf, floor standing, or computer speakers and receive an instant upgrade allowing wireless audio streaming from any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled device. Available today on Amazon, the Bluetooth Wireless Amps have affordable prices from $99.99 – $169.99.

Full-size receiver performance comes intelligently designed in a micro-package measuring a convenient 4.9”W x 5.9”D x 1.3”H, perfect for your office, den, or bedroom audio system. The GDI-BTAR122 and GDI-BTAR502 provide users a simple, wire-free way to play music from multiple services including iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or SiriusXM, to existing speaker systems, all from the Bluetooth enabled device of their choice. The 24 watt (BTAR122) or 100 watt (BTAR502) class D digital amplifier powers any standard bookshelf speakers, with the option of a line out connection to powered speakers.

“Low quality and minimal features are typical in the Bluetooth adapter options currently on the market,” says CEO of Grace Digital Audio, Greg Fadul. “With our 4.0 BT wireless digital receivers, we’ve added features such as a 2amp USB charging port, equalization and balance, professional grade metal housing, long range external BT antenna, remote control, and powerful clean class D digital amps – you just won’t find these features in the competition. The BTRA122 and 502’s are elegant and compact amplifiers which bring your speakers into the wireless Bluetooth age.”