HandStand Unveils Rotating iPad 2 Case with Integrated Hand Strap

The company HandStand also has one of these for the iPad 1 actually, so it’s no surprise to see another version for the iPad 2.

Hub International LLC, a company dedicated to developing products that enable people to run their businesses and personal lives more efficiently, is excited to announce its new iPad case compatible with the iPad 2. The sleek yet durable HandStand2 brings Apple fanatics a revolutionary, rotational accessory that allows users to effortlessly spin the device 360 degrees for quick transition from landscape to portrait viewing and back again.




With HandStand2 iPad holder, users can comfortably use the iPad 2 while turning it for optimal viewing and easy manipulation of the touch screen without accidentally launching apps or randomly scrolling.  An integrated iPad stand with a slight incline allows for effortless typing when placed on a stable surface.
Other HandStand2 features and functions include:

  • Rotating Disk – Allows users to effortlessly spin the iPad from landscape to portrait
  • Silicone iPad Case – Durable design provides protection for iPad 2 without scuffing
  • Integrated iPad Stand – Allows for optimal viewing and comfort while typing during tabletop or desktop use
  • Safety Grip – The HandPad provides a solid ridge that conforms to the user’s fingers to prevent slippage
  • Elastic Strap – Comfortable one-size-fits-all strap keeps iPad 2 firmly in place, yet easy to slip on and off
  • 100% Recycled – 100% manufactured in the USA, with all USA material that is 100 % recycled plastics and resin

“As the iPad makes its way into everyday use for work and leisure, we saw the growing need for a solution that enabled it to be carried for long periods of time,” said Jaime Smith, founder of Hub International, LLC. “With analyst expectations that iPads will be the fastest integrated device in enterprise, quicker than PCs, Laptops and Smartphones, it was more important than ever to answer to the corporate need.  Professionals who are using the iPad for work such as Corporate Executives, International Sales, Architects, Designers, Realtors, Educators, Doctors, Nurses and more can now incorporate the HandStand to help maximize the interactive capabilities of the iPad in the workplace."
The protective and durable HandStand2 case comes in pink, black and white for $49.99 and will be available for purchase in early May at www.thehandstand.com.  Receive $10.00 pre-order discount by using the promotional code HANDSTAND2.

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