HTC EVO 4G Breaks Sales Records for Sprint on Launch Day


Who would have thought this would happen huh? Especially with the new iPhone on the way, I would have thought people were waiting for the announcement about the new wonderful phone from Apple, but it seems like a lot out there weren’t where they?

Friday, June 4, was an early morning for thousands of customers who lined up several hours before Sprint stores opened their doors in anticipation of the first day of sales for America’s first 3G/4G phone, HTC EVO 4G. Customers were anxious to get their hands on HTC EVO 4G providing record sales figures for Sprint stores around the country.

Friday sales of HTC EVO 4G marked the largest quantity of a single phone sold in one day ever for Sprint – the record was previously held by both Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre. In addition, the total number of HTC EVO 4G devices sold on launch day was three times the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the market combined.