i-FlashDrive Shares Files Between iOS and Android

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I’m sure some Apple owners and some Android owners might consider this blasphemy but I think it’s ingenious myself. This little product is called the i-FlashDrive and it let’s you share files, video, photos and documents between Android and iOS devices. Yes you can quickly and easily transfer files to and from and back again between different mobile operating systems. The price depends on the capacity you want or need and you can pick from 16gb, 32gb and 64gb with prices ranging from $149 up to $299. As far as I know this is the first device of this kind ever on the market, I’ve never seen anything that let’s you do this…

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PhotoFast, creator of the world’s first two-way storage device between iOS and Mac/PC, has enhanced the functionality of the popular i-FlashDrive with the ability to now connect and share with Android mobile devices. Enabling users to seamlessly transfer, view and share documents, images, video and audio files between devices without the need for Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power, the i-FlashDrive provides users with an easy pathway to unite their iOS, Android and Mac/PC gadgets.

Whether sharing contacts with friends, traveling by airplane for a business trip, stuck in a remote location without reception, looking to stream movies to a TV or share photos of a recent vacation, i-FlashDrive is an ideal solution and complements modern, multiple-device lifestyles.

PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive expands your devices memory capacity and functionality, and is the only flash drive of its kind that is both Android compatible and licensed and supported by Apple. i-FlashDrive for Android pairs with an easy-to-use application that allows for a complete migration of your essential files from Android to iOS and back, providing the first all-in-one cross-platform solution.

Simply upload, organize, share, edit and manage files from your Android device, desktop and iOS gadgets with one solution in an instant, while saving large files to i-FlashDrive, freeing up vital space on your smartphone, tablet and PC.

PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive features built-in music play, photo import from camera roll, contact backup protection, voice recording and direct input and editing of files. Simplify your personally developed network of data across a multitude of devices with the ability to manage, edit, create and encrypt files all using i-FlashDrive.

The i-FlashDrive application is a fully functional document, photo, video and audio viewer that helps users easily organize and manage files. Upon connecting i-FlashDrive to any Android device, users are prompted to download the complimentary application via Google Play. The application transfers files, securely encrypts private documents, backs up and restores contacts, records audio, organizes and creates music playlists, edits documents and directly streams videos via Airplay, all with Dropbox support.

“The i-FlashDrive is the one accessory for your many digital devices,” says Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast. “Your endless personal data is no longer limited to either Android or iOS compatibility without a way to share and operate between gadgets.”


Supported Android devices

• HTC Butterfly
• HTC Butterfly S
• HTC Desire 600
• HTC First
• HTC J Butterfly
• HTC New One
• HTC New One (Dual)
• HTC New One Max
• HTC One X+
• Samsung Galaxy Note
• Samsung Galaxy Note 2
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3
• Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S II Progre
• Samsung Galaxy S III a
• Samsung Galaxy S2
• Samsung Galaxy S3
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Sony Xperia A
• Sony Xperia acro S
• Sony Xperia AX
• Sony Xperia S
• Sony Xperia TX
• Sony Xperia U
• Sony Xperia UL
• Sony Xperia VL
• Sony Xperia Z
• Sony Xperia Z1
• Sony Xperia Z Ultra
• Sony Xperia ZL
• Sony Xperia ZR

Supported iOS devices

• iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation
• iPod Touch 5th generation using lightning adapter
• iPhone 4/4S
• iPhone 5*
• iPad 3rd and 4th generation using lightning adapter
• iPad 2
• iPad Mini using lightning adapter
• iPad Air
• iPad Mini with Retina Display


• Dimensions: 25.9 x 9.0 x 52.46 mm
• Weight: 18 g
• Compatibility: iOS 6.1, 7.0, Android 4.2, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and iOS X
• Capacity: Available in 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
• System requirement: Download free App from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android with OTG function
• Not capable of Sync or Charge

i-FlashDrive HD will be available through Amazon for $149 to $299. To connect with PhotoFast, visit www.photofast.com.

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