Iceberg Interactive Steam Sale Up To 75% Off Games

If you didn’t notice there’s a sale going on at Steam right now with lots of stuff heavily discounted and Iceberg Interactive sent over a separate PR about it for use to see more. Their offering from  25% to 75% discount on their games which is pretty good, it would be a great time to pick up any you may have missed.

Videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive revealed today it’s opening the videogame vault and offering massive discounts on tons of games during Steam’s Autumn Sale. With quality games from many genres, such as the fun racing/shooter title Gas Guzzlers Extreme (66% off), 4X space-strategy game Horizon (70% off) and the horror puzzle title Darkness Within (40% off), to a recent sensation such as space sim  Starpoint Gemini 2 (33% off) and the Early Access flight combat title Vector Thrust (25% off), Iceberg has something cool for the hungry gamer.


See Iceberg Interactive’s full list of games on sale: