Did the all capitals up there get your attention?  Hope so, it was supposed to. Not sure why though exactly. I’m not even sure how to pronounce this,m I guess it’s supposed to be SMS-Wish.

As the Smartphone continues to grow and become an increasingly vital component to our daily lives, Iconosys, Inc., a leading developer of mobile communications applications releases its next life-enriching Smartphone application, SMSW!sh. SMSW!ish is a year round application that enables the Smartphone, tablet, or other Android OS devices user to pre-schedule greeting cards months, or even years, in advance.


Now, with SMSW!ish, the process of sending out that special message to your special someone is not only easy, convenient, nearly costless, it’s virtually instant! Just select the holiday, select the design, and enter your heartfelt feelings in the space provided. And you get all this for whatever it costs you to send a single SMS message (free for most of us with unlimited plans). The best part is that you can pre-schedule and customize with your own messages and illustrations a range of cards, from “Thank You” cards for appointments yet to be held, to “Congratulations” cards for pending congratulatory worthy activities, to those sometimes hard to remember on time “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary” cards for future dates, even years ahead, if desired.

"In today’s busy social networking world, with instant messaging(IM), blackberry messaging, skype, text messaging, facebook, e-vites, linked-in, and email, it is no wonder that we expect ourselves to be 10 times more productive than our parents," commented Wayne Irving, Iconosys CEO and founder. "Using SMSW!sh, I can pre-schedule messages to clients, family, friends, and loved-ones in a convenient way and around my own busy schedule. Plus this gives me the peace of mind that I won’t somehow miss that birthday, anniversary or reason to just say `thank you,` as it means so much to each of us to know we are appreciated."

SMSW!sh™ Features Include the Following:

· SMSW!sh™ utilizes the world’s number one means of communication, SMS-Messaging" to convey and express good tidings, well wishes, and real-time or scheduled instant gift card wishes!

· 1) Pick your holiday, 2) pick a custom design, 3) enter the recipients number or multiple recipients numbers, 4) enter a custom SMSW!ish™ message, 5) press Send or Schedule Send, and then let this handy app take care of the rest — your SMSW!sh™ of love, adoration, or appreciation is now ready to go and will be sent out as scheduled.

Add a custom personalized audio message to your SMSW!sh™. Press menu -> add my voice and attach a recorded message to go with your SMSW!sh™ SMS-card.

· Choose from 10 or more holidays, along with Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary and send or pre-schedule a customized personalized SMSW!sh™.


SMSW!sh is available for the Android OS Smartphones and tablets in English, on the Android Market, GetJar, and soon the Amazon App Store. Spanish and Portuguese versions are coming soon for Motorola’s Motodev and Shop4Apps markets in United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and in other parts of Central and South America.


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