Idolian Launches Android Tablet MiniTurbo T8 for Less than $150

A decent Android tablet for under $150? Yes it does exist and it’s called the MiniTurbo T8 from a company called Indolian. The specs are a 1.2Ghz CPU, 7” capacitive touchscreen at 800×400 resolution, Android 2.3, HDMI out, Wi-Fi and a front facing camera. The T8 has 512mb or ram onboard with 4gb of storage which is rather small.  That might not matter too much though as you can store your stuff on the SD card.


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MIniTurbo T8 has a sleek new style and feel. It runs on Cortex A8 Chipset, 1.2 GHz CPU, 512MB, 7” Capacitive Touch Screen, Front Facing Camera, 360 G-Sensor, HDMI output on Android 2.3 OS. Also MiniTurbo T8 offers WI-FI connectivity and a long lasting battery life (5-6 hours), Android Google Market, Flash Player.

It’s compact size and light weight is also easy to carry and fast processor makes and capacitive touch screen will get you true tablet PC experiences that fits within many consumer’s budget.

For limited time, MiniTurbo T8 is available to purchase at special promotional price of $149 at for holiday shoppers. This unbelievable deal is available until end of November. offers "Free FedEx shipping both ways" for easy buying decisions for customers.