Indiegogo – BrightCharger


I have to admit this is neat.When I first glanced at this PR I was thinking, ‘oh another phone charger’ but then I continued reading and checked out the Indiegogo campaign page and changed my mind. Yes it’s a USB charger but it’s also a light which is something I’d actually use. I think I want one..

BrightCharger aims to change the way people charge their devices. The innovative quality charger automatically stops devices from charging when their batteries are full, which protects battery lifespans, decreases hazards and eliminates energy wastage. The device also functions as a low energy consumption nightlight.

With latest estimates currently placing the number of mobile devices at 12 billion, BrightCharger wants to help users make an impact on global consumption by giving them a simple way to responsibly charge various devices.

“By using BrightCharger, you can charge the devices the way they were meant to be charged with one touch. This one touch protects your battery, saves energy and protects the environment as well,” says BrightCharger CTO and inventor Harri Tiainen.

BrightCharger was developed by an international team of experts that combine product development and IPR expertise with an extensive background in battery charging research. By only supplying power to devices during charging, BrightCharger eliminates energy wasted when chargers are plugged into an outlet but are not attached to a device. When the device battery is full, BrightCharger does not continually top up device batteries, which can pose a fire risk and harm the lifespan of batteries in exchange for minimal extra charge.

“The original idea for BrightCharger came from my personal frustration with the overcharging issues of current chargers,” continues Tiainen. “I developed the original concept from scratch then decided to form a team of professionals around the invention. Our current team has decades of technical, commercial, IPR and international experience, and everyone has invested their own time and money to ramp up the business over the past 2 years. We are privileged to work with the world’s top experts in the fields of commercialization, marketing, and manufacturing with international networks.”

The innovative design of BrightCharger incorporates an LED that changes color when your device is fully charged. Simply touch the LED dome to give devices a quality charge. The LED can also function as a nightlight with a simple flick of a switch or can be turned off completely for zero energy consumption. BrightCharger is also USB compatible, meaning any device that can be charged via a USB cable can be used with BrightCharger. The chargers will be available for order on Indiegogo from May 23 2017, and is scheduled to begin shipping to customers in fall.