‘iRudolph’ Brings Christmas Cheer to iPhone, iPad and iPod

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iRudolph is the hero of a new Christmas app for iPhone, iPad and iPod, that has already become a hot seller all over Europe as Christmas approaches. For $0.99, users can now join iRudolph, the ‘green-nosed reindeer’ and Santa Claus in picking up plenty of presents. Its design, a magical world of animated felt, provides a pleasant contrast to Apple’s high-tech look. Players will find their quest for gifts in the Christmas winter wonderland alongside iRudolph and Santa both fun and challenging.


The new ‘iRudolph’ app is the ideal companion during the lead-up to Christmas, and will shorten the wait for Santa Claus most agreeably. The characters – iRudolph with his green nose and his ‘boss’ Santa Claus – move through a lovingly designed Christmas-y world made of felt. Their task is to gather up presents, stay on the prescribed path, and avoid colliding with obstacles including tree stumps, snowdrifts and snowmen. Their sleigh is steered from a bird’s-eye perspective using either the touchscreen or a motion sensor. The difficulty rises with each of the four ‘Advent’ levels, aptly designated with candles. The iRudolph app was developed by freenet.de GmbH, Hamburg (Germany).

This company’s web site http://www.freenet.ag/

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