Jawbone Intros the ERA Bluetooth Headset

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The Bluetooth headset has to be one of the greatest inventions I think.  Some people hate them because of the whole ‘borg’ factor but I love them, specifically for driving. One of my all time favorites is my Jawbone 2 which I still have and use today, but they’ve come out with many since then and the latest is called the Era. This new headset is 42% smaller than the Jawbone and gets up to 10 hours of talk time on a signal charge. Speaking of charging the headset can be charged over USB but you can get the optional charging case for it, which protects and charges the headset. Price is $99 just for the headset or $12.99 for the charging case and headset.


Jawbone® today announced its new ERA™ headset, a totally reengineered Bluetooth® earpiece that lets you take full advantage of your smartphone or mobile device while providing a more natural, comfortable way to talk on the phone, use Siri® or Google Now™, and listen to audio content. By directing audio to the ear completely hands-free, ERA liberates your phone conversations and simplifies your smartphone interactions by leveraging a more human-centric, less intrusive voice-based user interface. At 42% smaller than Jawbone’s prior headset model and with a convenient charging case that delivers ten total hours of talk time, ERA lets you conveniently tap into your phone while you’re multitasking – like checking your itinerary while packing for a trip, catching up with your parents while walking the dog, or simply accessing the apps you frequently use on your smartphone while taking a call.


Radically Reengineered, Pound for Pound

ERA has been efficiently crafted and designed from the ground up to deliver the best audio experience possible regardless of a user’s environment. A new earbud and unique audio porting system leverages the entire acoustic chamber and high efficiency of the drivers to route sound directly into the ear. Significantly smaller and better-performing MEMS microphones (micro-electro-mechanical systems) have been used for the first time in a Jawbone headset, and custom DSP algorithms (digital signal processing) adjust loudness and deliver the best audio possible based on your surroundings. The result is a very natural, lifelike sound.

The new ERA headset is a remarkable 42% smaller on the face than Jawbone’s prior ERA model which debuted in 2011, and has been engineered with just one solder point, greatly reducing manual processes in the assembly for optimal consistency and build quality.

Exceptional Comfort & Convenience

ERA comes with a completely re-architected earbud based on a decade of experience in headset design and more than three years of user testing for ultimate wearability. Available in three sizes and made with a calibrated, ultra-soft silicon material for superior comfort, the new earbud ensures your headset is totally secure in your ear at all times – whether you’re getting in and out of the car, crossing the street with your kids, or going for a jog. Since there’s no longer a need for an earloop, you won’t have to worry about fidgeting or fatigue from wear.

ERA’s convenient charging case brings its total talk time to 10 hours, while also keeping the headset totally secure in your pocket, your purse, or on your keychain. Micro-LED’s are placed on the side of the case to indicate the charging status of your headset.

Total Command of Your Audio

Jawbone engineers have completely rebuilt NoiseAssassin® technology with the addition of wideband audio, specifically for the ERA headset. The new NoiseAssassin 4.0 employs more accurate algorithms for detecting all types of speech and distinguishing it from background noise. Now, when using applications like Siri and Google Now, NoiseAssassin 4.0’s wideband spectrum delivers a much better signal for speech recognition, and coupled with the reduction of background noise, results in better Siri and Google Now performance.

By simply pressing and holding the button on the back of ERA, you can activate Siri or Google Now without ever touching your phone. While walking or driving, you can easily say, "read my last email", "play NPR podcast", or "get directions to Georgio’s restaurant". With ERA, suddenly a whole new set of capabilities is at your fingertips, powered by your own voice.

In addition to the launch of ERA, Jawbone is also introducing a new software update for The NERD®, its wireless USB audio adapter that makes connecting a Bluetooth headset or speaker to your computer as simple as if you were plugging in headphones. This new software update brings wideband audio support to The NERD, so for the first time ever, you can get wideband audio from your computer directly to your Jawbone headset. It’s perfect for privacy during FaceTime®, Skype™ and Google Hangout conversations and won’t leave you tethered to your computer with wires.

Available on January 16

ERA by Jawbone™ is available beginning today for $129.99 at Jawbone.com in four colors (Black Streak, Silver Cross, Bronze Streak, and Red Streak), and at Verizon stores nationwide in one color (Black Streak). ERA will be available at Apple, AT&T and Best Buy stores nationwide beginning January 24.

The ERA headset can be purchased without the charging case for $99.


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