Kodak introduces battery powered digital picture frame

Sounds like a good idea, but I wonder what the battery life is like though?


Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today announced the European launch of an innovative digital picture frame that provides new ways to enjoy and share digital images. The new KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Picture Frame features a built-in rechargeable battery that enables consumers to bring it from shelf or table into the hands of family and friends for more intimate sharing of moments and memories. The frame also boasts a new Picture Finder feature, enabling users to easily and quickly bring to life images and videos from special moments in time.

“The new S730 Digital Picture Frame offers exciting new ways to interact with your picture collection,” says Phil Scott, Worldwide Director of Marketing, Digital Capture and Devices and Vice President, Consumer Digital Group. “Kodak digital picture frames have long led the way in enabling consumers to enjoy and show off their pictures and videos without being tied to their computers. The battery-power of the S730 goes further, allowing users to ‘unplug and share,’ putting the frame in people’s hands so everyone can enjoy treasured picture collections and browse through pictures as they would with a photo album. It’s a wonderful way to get your pictures back into your life.”

The KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Picture Frame further enhances how memories are rekindled through a variety of viewing modes, and the new Picture Finder feature. The viewing modes include full-screen Slideshow, which scrolls through pictures individually. In Slideshow mode, the user can also choose screen views showing both images and either a clock or calendar. The fourth viewing option is Collage mode, which scrolls through an entire collection and shows four randomly selected images at a time.

The new Picture Finder feature is available in all viewing modes, Scott explains. “Picture Finder allows consumers to retrieve and relive memories that in some cases may have been forgotten. When users see a compelling picture in the collage, they can select that picture, touch the Picture Finder control, and the frame automatically retrieves and displays more pictures from that date.”

The full complement of features on the KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Picture Frame includes:

  --  Rechargeable battery featuring a one-hour capacity that makes it
      simple to pass the frame around to share memories;
  --  Capacity to store up to 8000 pictures* with 1 GB internal memory;
  --  Stunning picture quality featuring patented Kodak Color Science
      technology that delivers crisp detail and vibrant colors;
  --  Mercury-free LCD panel;
  --  Updated Quick Touch Border, with touch-sensitive controls that enable
      easy access to controls on the front of the frame, and featuring a
      motion sensor that illuminates controls as your hand approaches the
  --  Dynamic collage mode that displays several pictures at the same time;
  --  Mode button on top of frame enables easy toggling between viewing
      modes, including collage, single picture, clock and calendar views;
  --  Plug-and-play operation--just insert a memory card or USB flash drive
      with digital pictures and a slideshow automatically begins;
  --  KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Display Software that allows users to
      synchronize with the pictures on their computer and create slideshows;
  --  Play videos and add music to slideshows.

The KODAK EASYSHARE S730 Digital Picture Frame will be available throughout Europe for Euro 149 beginning in June, 2009, and in the United States and Canada for $139.00 US beginning September, 2009.

To easily take the new battery-powered frame on the go, Kodak will also offer a stylish case that is perfect for safely transporting S730 Digital Picture Frame. The case will feature a padded interior to cushion the frame during transport, interior pockets for storing power cords and accessories, and a convenient handle. The case will be available for $19.99 US beginning September 2009.

  *Actual storage capacity will vary based on image content.

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