LG Vu Plus Hits AT&T June 6th


The new LG Vu Plus will be arriving to AT&T customers on June 6th, it offers HSPDA speeds, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and access to ATT mobile TV. It looks to be a mobile entertainment type of phone that if you want access to Mobile TV you’ll end up paying an additional $9.99 per month on top of your regular service contract. I don’t know about you but I don’t need TV on the go that bad.. The phone will cost $149.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and 2yr contract.

AT&T* and LG Electronics Mobilecomm U.S.A., Inc. (LG Mobile Phones) today announced the LG Vu Plus(TM), the latest AT&T Mobile TV-capable device, will be available online at www.wireless.att.com and in AT&T stores nationwide June 6. Available exclusively for AT&T customers, the handset will be compatible with AT&T’s High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 Mbps technology, which provides, when combined with expanded backhaul, a considerable speed boost to the nation’s fastest 3G network. AT&T is deploying these backhaul connections across the nation, a process that will continue through 2011.

 In addition, the LG Vu Plus boasts:
  --  AT&T Mobile Browser - combines full HTML browsing with unique
      customization features so customers can easily surf the global
      Internet; view location-aware local news and weather; and read the
      latest headlines from popular news, sports and entertainment sites.
  --  AT&T Navigator -offers turn-by-turn voice and onscreen driving
      directions, automatic rerouting, real-time traffic monitoring and
      more. AT&T Navigator is available for $9.99 per month, and new
      subscribers receive their first 30 days of their subscription for
  --  AT&T Social Net - provides easy access to all your social networking
      sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in one easy-to-use


Web Site: http://www.att.com/