Minoru 3D Webcam being offered at eDimensional!

It’s finally on sale…

Meet Minoru, meaning ‘Reality’ in Japanese, the World’s first 3D webcam. eDimensional has partnered with the creator of this innovative new product to offer full support for the eDimensional 3D shutter glasses (as well as anaglyph glasses).

Connect Minoru to your PC and he will come alive, his eyes will light up and he will be looking at you in 3D.

minoru2 minoru3 minoru1

Your friends and family can now see you in 3D over your favorite messaging program like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, OoVoo and many others.

You can also take 3D photos or even shoot 3D videos and upload them to YouTube.

Minoru = Reality!

Minoru connects easily to your PC’s USB port just like any other webcam but that’s where the similarities end. The Minoru software has stereoscopic processing that lets you be seen in three dimensions. Minoru can also be used as a standard 2D webcam for anyone who doesn’t have the 3D glasses at hand.

Minoru will appeal equally to the 3D novice and the stereoscopy enthusiast alike.

Clips on easily to any monitor. Includes 5 sets of anaglyph glasses, eDimensional 3D glasses for the PC available separately.


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