Mivizu launches Verizon iPhone 4 Alien case

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Not sure why it’s called the Alien case as it really doesn’t look like an alien at all, but it looks decent anyway and it looks as though it will provide decent protection for the iPhone.

Mivizu, known for its innovative and award-winning stylish accessory case designs for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod cases, is excited to have collaborated with Mexican Super Model Vanessa Rubio to collectively design the next generation of Mivizu Apple iPhone cases specially for the new Apple iPhone designed to run on the Verizon CDMA platform. CEO, Stanley Lam, “we are quite excited to have worked with Mexican super model Vanessa Rubio whom collaborated and provided her signature design ID to our cases and resulted in a fashion inspired,  Mivizu Alien EPIX case.

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Mexican super model, Vanessa Rubio, “I am very proud to have worked closely with Mivizu’s designers, their philosophy and belief  to promote product individuality; to be unique in a world of mass production, Is exactly why I choose to support the Mivizu Alien EPIX  signature series. This is why the Mivizu’s collections are produced in limited quantities, so customer’s will enjoy a product that is almost one of a kind. And chances are you’re unlikely to bump into another one like it.” We wanted to define style and fashion and fuse that concept with the need to have a utilitarian iPhone case that retains form, function, and protection while delivering a style that appeals to fashion conscious customers, and Mivizu delivered that.


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