More than Meets the Eye: Brightkite Adds a Third Dimension to Your Camera Phone

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Brightkite Offers New Ways to Find Your Friends and Explore the Places Around You with Layar Reality Browser 2.0

Brightkite, the Social Discovery Network, today released a Brightkite layar for the newly launched Layar Reality Browser 2.0. The Brightkite layar adds a third dimension to its popular mobile social networking application for Android phones.



Brightkite already lets users see what their friends are doing in two dimensions in a customizable real-time stream and in a map view. Using the Brightkite application on the Layar Reality Browser, users can now look at the world around them through their phone’s camera to see real-time digital information on top of the real-world locations. The application uses a combination of camera, compass and GPS to see friends’ posts, photos and locations superimposed exactly “on” the location they were made. As the camera is turned in different directions, the graphics change to accommodate the lens’ movements and the user sees all their friends’ Brightkite data revealed around them.

“The Brighkite layar gives our users a futuristic way to view the world around them by adding a Brightkite-specific overlay to the view seen through their camera’s lens,” said Jonathon Linner, CEO of Brightkite. “Brightkite is all about exploring the world around you and this application gives our users another way to do that.”

To see how it works, check out the Brightkite layar video or try it for yourself on your Android phone.

Editors Note: Images and video available upon request.

About Brightkite

Things are happening, right here, right now. Use Brightkite to meet people around you, keep up with your friends, explore and discover new places. Brightkite is the real time social discovery network. More than 2 million people use Brightkite’s free service every month, which is available to anyone, anywhere, worldwide. All you need is a mobile phone or Web browser to bring your friends together in the real world, wherever you may be.

The award-winning company is headquartered in Burlingame, California. To learn more about using your phone as a social discovery tool, visit us at

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