mufin Launches Next-Generation Music Player for Android

Let’s take a very quick break from the CES news here so I can let you know about the mufin player for Android! It uses mufin vision, yes I said mufin vision. I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck mufin vision is, so just read about it below..

The new mufin player Android music app lets music fans choose between the tracks stored locally on the handset and streaming their music wirelessly from, the free cloud music feature that is integrated with mufin player for PC.


The mufin player Android music app allows users to access the cloud music service which comes free with mufin player 2.0 for PC. enables mobile music fans to stream their music wirelessly with full sound quality.

mufin player for Android also offers mufin vision, a truly unique way for music fans to interact with their song collections on mobile devices. In contrast to conventional and awkward ‘list views’, mufin vision displays music collections as an interactive map based on pre-set song attributes. The result is an intuitive interface that can be used to discover tracks and artists that fit a certain mood.

mufin vision also takes full advantage of touch-screen technology, allowing users to navigate songs, generate playlists and manage playback quickly and easily from their fingertips.

Due to its simple and intuitive touch-screen interface, mufin vision is ideal for managing large digital music collections on the relatively small screens associated with mobile handsets and tablet PCs.

Both the new mufin player Android music app and mufin player for PC can now be downloaded for free at . A YouTube video describing the mufin Android music app is also available.