Multi-million selling iPhone game ‘Geared’ now available on Android

I don’t get why the iPhone gets all of the games first and then, eventually, or if ever they come to Android..  This game Geared looks cool though..

Geared, the original and best gears-based puzzle game that’s been downloaded more than 10 million times on iOS, today launches for the first time on Android. A simple yet addictive puzzle game with 150 mind-bending levels, Geared features a free-form environment unrestrained by the traditional snap-grid experience of similar puzzle titles. Geared offers complete freedom to the player, meaning every level can be solved in a myriad of different ways. And as part of the new Android version, Geared includes a host of social features thanks to the Scoreloop’s social mobile gaming platform. And best of all, Geared on Android is totally free to download and play.

Geared one lvl behind Geared Menu

Developed by Nevada-based Bryan Mitchell, Geared for Android lets players test their intellect against 150 unique and original levels of gameplay with varying difficulties (easy to near-impossible). The iOS version of Geared has variously been described as “a beautifully designed game”, “fun and addictive” and “an excellent puzzle game that revolves around a very simple gameplay mechanic.”

Geared features a level selection menu, play time tracker, rank awards and original sound effects. From the application preferences, users can reset all levels as well as mute sound effects allowing them to play their own music during gameplay. Game progress is saved automatically, and returns the player to last level that was open.

In addition, there are a host of new features that are possible thanks to the use of Scoreloop’s social gaming platform. These include:

· A live news feed delivering news and gameplay tips

· The ability to see your progress through the game vs your friends

· Ability to share your high scores via Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as well as showing off your Geared skills via status updates such as "You’re now a Geared Master!"

· Find your friends and invite them to play via the address book, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

· The addition of the Scoreloop Social Market, which allows players to see what other gamers are playing and to learn about other Scoreloop-enabled games they can download

Geared for Android features:

· 150 levels of addictive gameplay

· Varying difficulty; Easy to near-impossible

· Play Time Tracker

· Player Rank Awards

· Level Selection Menu

· Settings Menu

· Gamers may play their own music

· Progress is saved automatically

· Reset all levels button

· Reset current level button

· Original sound effects

Supported Languages:

· English

System Requirements:

Geared for Android is compatible with any device running Android 1.6 onwards

Pricing and Availability:

Geared for Android ad-supported, meaning it is free to download and play and available worldwide through the Android Market in the Games category.

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