MvixUSA Launches ULTIO – Ultimate 1080p UPnP Home Theater Media Player


I reported about this last week, but now we having a shipping date of July 6th..



The Ultimate Home Entertainment is Here!

You asked for it! The ultimate home theater system that can play MKV, is always net connected & BitTorrent ready, connects over wireless-N to create your home entertainment network and of course plays 1080p hi def video and awesome audio. Did you also ask terabyte storage for your favorite movie collection?

You got it. Fresh from our lab, Mvix Ultio is bound to change your home entertainment experience forever. Ultio (MX-800HD) 1080p Media Center, a new generation of media center, brings best digital entertainment to your living room. A Hard-Disk based set-top media player capable of HD playback with video output as high as 1080p, it delivers spectacular picture quality of HD video and crystal clear sound clarity of digital audio. You can add upto 1.5 Terabyte SATA hard disk (optional) to store your entire movie & music collection. Or simply connect your external hard disks via USB ports to stream the movies in true hi def.

Ultio is internet-ready and pre-equipped with a network port (and an optional Wireless-N capability). It sports a samba server and a UPnP implementation, allowing seamless integration with services like PlayOn® or Tversity® (for streaming video content from Netflix®, Hulu®, CBS®, Youtube®, CNN®, ESPN® and much more).

Still considering a blu-ray player?
Check out Ultio’s amazing specs.

We’re taking pre-orders and you get a free Mvix T-shirt if you place your order by July 4. Ultio starts shipping on July 6.

Cannot wait? Checkout at MvixStore.



Take up the Challenge – Win $500!

ULTIO Challenge – Win $500!

Ultio Challenge: For those up for it.

We are releasing the Ultio firmware sourcecode – and you show us what you can do with it!

  • Go ahead and Download the Sourcecode, and Cook up a New Feature or Application for Ultio.
  • Send it to our MvixGURU’s for testing.
  • Don’t forget to write your full address & contact nos.
  • We like, we adopt it, we release it as an Official Firmware.
  • You get a $500 Check as our “thank you” gesture.



About ‘Ultio”

About “ULTIO”

Q: What is “Ultio”? Who is making it?
A: Mvix Ultio is a 1080p-capable, HDD-based media player which supports hundreds of formats allowing users to have a digital video library in their living rooms. It is made by renowned developers in partnership with Mvix(USA), Inc. a US-corporation, based near Washington DC. MvixUSA has been the pioneer of Mvix HDD-based Media Centers and a well-known brand across the world.

Q: Will “Ultio” be sold worldwide? Who will support it?
A: Yes, Mvix Ultio is being introduced for worldwide distribution. It will be sold across the world through am established network of distributors and resellers. MvixUSA will also ship directly to its international customers via its online store.
MvixUSA provides a comprehensive support from its SUPPORT CENTER to all its customers, worldwide. It offers three-pronged support: via a direct dial toll-free number, Online support via ticketing system and a very comprehensive Knowledge base article database.
MvixUSA stands behind its products and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its worldwide customers.

Q: Who owns the “Mvix” Brand?
A: “Mvix” is a registered trademark of Mvix(USA), Inc. The brand name was registered with the US Patent and Trademark office in 2006 and it continues to be a significant part of MvixUSA’s marketing operation. For the past several years, MvixUSA has invested significantly in building this brand and making it the symbol of quality as it stands today!

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