Napster Debuts Application for Samsung Apps

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I’m amazed that Napster is still around actually. I never used it when it was the ‘free’ service, but with all the controversy surrounding it you’d have to wonder how they’re actually doing as a business model now. Now though you can get Napster on your Samsung HDTVs,  Blu-Ray players and Home Theater Systems, not all of them of course only certain models like 2010 models sized at 40” and up, and select blu-rays and home theater systems.

Now U.S. customers with select Samsung connected TVs, Blu-ray players and Blu-ray home theater systems can enjoy the Napster music service from the comfort of their couch.

“Internet-connected devices are reinventing entertainment in the home and making it easier to enjoy it more”

The intuitive application brings Napster’s on-demand catalog of more than 10 million songs into the living room, allowing music lovers to instantly stream favorite music and discover new music they’ll love. Designed for a “lean-back” listening experience, the Napster app is perfect for music listening while hosting a party, relaxing with family or even just unwinding at the end of the day.

“Internet-connected devices are reinventing entertainment in the home and making it easier to enjoy it more,” said Christopher Allen, Napster general manager. “We’re thrilled to work with Samsung to deliver on Napster’s vision of music everywhere by making music available to members wherever they are, on whatever devices they use, whenever they want it.”

Napster members can also quickly pull up their playlists to hear personal favorites, discover new artists by tuning in to Napster radio stations and quickly generate a long-playing Automix of music from their favorite artist. The service also includes playable Billboard charts dating back to 1955. Of course, members can always explore new releases and top songs or search for and play any particular artist, album or track.

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The service is available at and in the U.S. and is also available in Canada, Germany and the U.K

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