New Blu-ray Player From Onkyo Offers BLOCKBUSTER On Demand


Didn’t Blockbuster just file for bankruptcy?  Or was that their brick and mortar stores only? I think Onkyo is betting on the wrong horse here with this mating of Blockbuster On Demand and their new Blu-Ray player the BD-SP808.

Blockbuster Inc. announced that Onkyo’s newest Blu-ray player, the BD-SP808 will offer BLOCKBUSTER On Demand. This month, the model will be rolled out in electronics stores nationwide, adding to a list of more than 85 consumer electronic devices that have integrated the service to boost consumer access to the latest releases.

"With the BD-SP808, Onkyo aimed to deliver not just on picture quality, but also on usability," said Paul Wasek, Onkyo USA’s marketing manager. "Enabling consumers to access the movies they want faster and more easily is a part of that."

Onkyo’s BD-SP808 offers other features in addition to BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, including a High Quality Video Scaler and full-featured Blu-ray Disc Play Back.

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