New iPhone 4 Case Making People Smile

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Do we really need something like this? Seriously this is something that like frat boys might like right? A case with a built in bottle opener, I just have to ask why?!

A California company, Lightbulb Moments, has introduced an iPhone 4 case with a built-in bottle opener, the follow up product to their highly successful 3G/3GS version.

To help expand production, the company applied to and was accepted by, the New york based crowd funding website.

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"Kickstarter is a great platform for a small company to fund a fast moving product," said Cram. "We’ve gotten a positive initial response to our presentation video."

Each Person who pledges $25 receives a pre-order of the iPhone 4 iBottleopener, provided Lightbulb Moments reaches their funding goal. Shipping is included in the cost.

The cases will sell in stores for $24.95-$29.95, with the Slogan "protect your iPhone…and your Fun!"

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